No Excuses! How to Make Time for Self-Care in Your Life

For many of my clients, self-care is the last item on their to-do lists.

That’s such a shame because we’re dealing with more anxiety and burnout than ever before, and it’s been reported that people’s stress is increasing. Stress can have negative effects on both mental and physical health, which is why self-care is so important. 

Self-care (or white space as we call it in life editing) is the practice of doing little things or making small changes to be healthier or that reduce your stress levels. These actions can be as small as walking during your work breaks or drinking more water throughout the day. 

Today we’re doing a self-care crash course so you can understand why it’s essential to get a little “me time” every day.

“What is self-care?”

As we’ve discussed before, self-care is different than self-comfort because self-care replenishes your energy instead of numbing you out. Think taking a bubble bath rather than binge-watching TV shows on the couch.

Self-care involves doing things that help your mental and physical health and refills your energy reserves. Many common self-care activities include reading, exercising, showering, having a meaningful conversation, playing board games, or journaling.

These tiny edits help reduce the stress and strain of everyday life and allow you to check-in with yourself to make sure you’re doing OK.

“Do I need to spend money to practice self-care?”

You may think self-care means spending the day at a pricy spa, going on vacation, or purchasing fancy candles, but there are numerous ways to boost your energy levels without buying anything.

Going for a walk, meditating, or reading a book all count as self-care. Figure out what gives you energy and feels good, then spend as much or as little money as you wish. 

Need more free or low-cost ideas? Check out these self-care practices to spark your creativity while you take care of yourself.

“Do I need a lot of time for self-care?”

Self-care can easily be adjusted depending on how much time you have, so if you only have 10 minutes between meetings then a quick meditation might work.

Don’t slack off! As I tell my clients, if you have time to pee, then you have time for self-care. You can do amazing things when you’re honest about your time. In fact, you can run a whole business in only one minute per day.

Whatever amount of time works for you, be sure to mark off your self-care appointments in your calendar or planner as if they were any other important meeting.

Tips for Boosting Your Self-Care

Everyone can benefit from a few minutes of self-care every day, but if your mood is low for an extended amount of time, then you might want to contact your doctor in case you need additional help or medication.

If you receive medication on a regular basis, then the pharmacy may use robotic prescription dispensing systems to ensure your medication is ready for you to pick up quickly.

Check in with yourself for 5 to 10 minutes in the morning and ask yourself how you’re feeling. Listen to your body and your mind. What do you need to make this the best day possible based on your mood, tasks, and current energy levels?

You might choose to exercise, learn a new skill, spend time with your loved ones, or enjoy some alone time. Give yourself permission to say no to anything that negatively affects your energy.

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