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Editor's Toolkit

Finally! All the best life editing tools in one place.

You Get These Free Resources:

  • 3 video trainings: 2017 Planning Pajama Party, Write Like an Editor, and 6 High Impact Edits Every Successful Business Owner Makes
  • 4 life editing ebooks including the Productivity Power Pack!, Face Your Fear Digital Guidebook, From Lazy to Amazing!, and How to Remove Toxic People From Your Life.
  • 19 printable worksheets including the popular Where Does My Time Go? Time Log and the Ultimate To-Do List.
  • Plus recommended books, websites, and guides

And These Special Bonuses:

  • All freebies are housed in the Life Editor Clubhouse membership site.
  • All future freebies will be added to the same spot. No more searching for the tools you need!
  • A free subscription to my weekly ezine, The Life Editor.

2017 Planning Pajama Party!

Turn on the music and order a pizza! We're goal planning with the Edited Year Planners.

  • A 70-minute video training with me, Sage. IN MY PAJAMAS!!!
  • Learn what the Life Editing Process is and how you can apply the principles to your everyday life.
  • Walk through all the worksheets in the Life Goals Planner and the Business Goals Planner while I share success story examples and my favorite productivity tips.
  • Completely map out your goals for 2017 while having tons of fun. Who says self-development has to be boring?

Write Like an Editor

Take the stress out of writing for your business, and learn persuasive techniques to appeal to your ideal customers so they’ll click the “Buy Now” button at lightning speed!

  • Get over your fear and start blogging consistently.
  • Define your ideal audience so they'll feel like you're speaking directly to them.
  • Use my no-brainer content creation technique to come up with a year's worth of blog topic ideas.
  • Discover how easy writing can be with reusable templates.
  • Play the headline game that guarantees all your subscribers will open all your emails.
  • Think outside the box of written blog posts and try podcasts, videos, and more.

6 High Impact Edits Every Successful Business Owner Makes

Work smarter, not harder! Learn the tactics that the business pros implement to break through the startup phase and sail into success.

  • Get real about the excuses that hold you back from achieving ultimate success.
  • Learn strategies to make the most of every minute of your day. No more procrastination!
  • Discover who your ideal customer is and how you can appeal to her on a core level.
  • Set up a clear website the entices your potential customers to buy now!
  • Stop “putting all your eggs in one basket” and diversify your products and services.
  • Find your inner strength and take imperfect action every single day. You can do this!

Ready to edit your life without spending a dime? Of course you are!

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