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I Got More Done With Sage in 3 Months Than I Did in 3 Years!

Before working with Sage I was in a rut, stagnant, and not moving forward in my business. Our coaching sessions taught me how to prioritize, take action, and use my time more effectively.

The best part was Sage gently held me accountable, encouraged me, and praised my wins. I got more done with Sage in 3 months than I did in 3 years.

Sage is a joy to work with. She listened to me, she heard me, she pushed me, she held me accountable, she cheered me on, and she celebrated me.

Wilma Lee,

Life Editor Academy Helped Me Achieve My Goals Once and For All!

Before Life Editor Academy, I was trying to build a business without much direction, always wondering what I should be working on next. This resulted in very little progress. I joined because it was time I invested in myself and my dreams.

Being surrounded by other amazing women who are aspiring to be better versions of themselves made me more confident about my abilities, not only as a business owner, but as a person.

The best part was the wonderful opportunity to connect with the other Academy members one-on-one. Switching accountability partners each month was a great way to get new perspectives and ideas on what I was doing. I loved getting to know each of the others on an individual basis and supporting them to achieve their goals.

Sage is such an amazing coach! Her energy is infectious, and I would always leave our calls feeling excited and motivated to work on my goals. Sage has the incredible ability to know exactly what you need to do next in order to get to where you want to go. She is very caring and takes the time to help you through any challenges you might have and to cheer you on every step of the way!

If you've been sitting on the fence about joining the Academy, it's time to invest in yourself. The Academy was an invaluable experience for me, and I would recommend it to any ambitious woman out there who is ready to achieve her goals once and for all! If you're willing to do the work, you will see results. No question.

Marie-France Lamothe, 

Life Editor Academy Was a Game-Changer For Me!

I walked into Life Editor Academy knowing that my confidence as a mostly stay-at-home mom was kind of shot. I have a wonderful husband and we have a great teen but most of the things in our lives were about them. The focus in our family often felt like it was on their successes and working around their school or work needs for many years. I felt like my life was on the back burner. I knew I was enough but had things I wanted for myself, too. 

Sage is amazing! She brings positive energy to everything she does. She understands that nobody is perfect but still gives that gentle nudge. Sage helped me break down my goals into manageable tasks and to set deadlines for them. I’ve found her to be a wealth of information. I’ve walked away after every call I’ve had with Sage with a list of practical things to do. They were things that maybe I hadn’t thought of that really helped me move the needle on my goals. Sage helped add to my crazy but fun ideas in a way that prompted me to think of other things. She's also given me ideas about the important but boring things that have to get done, too.

I gained the confidence to do things I had been floundering with for years. I finished my website. Made art to sell. Came up with some whimsical stories about my art. Started my business. Lost almost 15 pounds. Taught my kid some cooking skills (and now she cooks a pretty darn good poached egg, among other things). It has been so worth the time, effort, and money. I am so thrilled to fit comfortably in my jeans and am now bordering on needing a smaller size. My website and the art I’ve made make me so happy. I still chuckle about the stories I’ve written for the characters I’ve created.

I’ve really enjoyed my Academy accountability partners. What a great group of women! One of the things I enjoyed was having a different partner every month. What I noticed was that I felt more connected to the entire group because we got to know a different person every month. When we met for our retreats and group calls I felt more invested and wanted the best for each person. I’ve gotten great ideas from checking in with them that have really added so much to what I’m doing with my business.

The Academy is definitely a commitment and not cheap (but oh so worth it). If you think you’d get something out of it, talk to Sage to see if it might work for you, too.

This has been a game-changer in my life. So worth it to me. I know I could have done a lot of the things on my own but I think it would have taken me years to get to this point without the support I got from Sage and the other women in the group.

Pam Rothberg, Random Creative Moments

Sage is Brilliant and Her System Truly Works!

I was overwhelmed with all of the work and details involved in starting my private practice. It was especially hard due to living daily with chronic illness. I felt very alone. I knew what I needed to do and I had made some progress on my own, but I couldn't get over the hump of finishing my website and getting started with marketing. I didn't have a framework from which to manage the complex details of the practice and the complexities of the rest of my life.

I learned that I did have a vision for how I wanted to be in my work, and I learned how to manage time instead of time managing me. Most importantly, I learned that a work plan, as well as a business, is a growing, changing organism that I have absolute control over.

Learning how to edit, plan, and adjust things as you go is probably the most important skill I learned.

I finished and launched my website with Sage's one-on-one help. I couldn't have done it without her gentle and expert guidance. I also now have a Facebook business page, and I set up organized processes for running my business.

I actually met the 2 financial goals that I set forth on my first 12-week plan!

Getting personalized coaching is the very best way to get your life moving in the direction you want. It's wonderful to do something big in your life and not feel alone. Sage is brilliant, and she developed a system for life management that truly works. But more importantly she guides with compassion, humor and perspective.

She will make you feel as though you are her one and only client.

Karen P. Carlson, Ph.D.,

Sage Is My Accountability Partner and Cheerleader!

12 weeks ago, I was frustrated with myself and my business. I couldn't get traction on much of anything, and I was behind on everything with no clear way to catch up. Overwhelmed and overcommitted, I could only see what wasn't working.

Sage didn't rebuild my life or my business. She didn't throw out what I'd created and force me to start over from scratch. Instead, she shined a light on the things that were working, the aspects of my business that I love the most, and we leveraged those things to start editing what was to make what could be. And yes, she forced me to take a really honest look at everything I'd committed to and what I needed to let go, and why.

Sage has the unique combination of being a firm accountability partner and a rose-colored glasses cheerleader. She will find the silver lining in your week no matter how dismal you think it was, and then she'll give you constructive advice on how to do better next week. She'll celebrate your wins and then challenge you to start the next step of your edit.

Sara Cochran, The Skeleton Whisperer

My Income More Than Doubled While Working With Sage!

I was enrolled in a business class which included a private Facebook forum and “coaching.” I didn’t realize when I signed up that the coaching would be group coaching.

While taking the program I found I had many, many questions not only about the program, but how the steps related to my startup business, what I specifically needed to do to implement them in my business, and many questions that I’m sure many solo entrepreneurs run into when getting their business up and running.

I knew I needed to work with a one-on-one coach to really be able to help me personally.

While working with Sage for the summer (my business is most active during the summer months), I was able to lead full and half-day retreats, as well as implement some additional marketing ideas such as an email newsletter and posting flyers.

When looking back over my income, it had more than doubled!

I’ve learned many things about myself over this past year. I’ve learned to take things a step at a time so as to not overwhelm myself. I also learned the importance of believing in myself and staying positive. And, most importantly, I’ve learned to ask for help when I really need it.

Sage is very upbeat (all the time), positive, extremely helpful, and very supportive. A great coach to have on your side!

Marilyn Kortendick

Sage Supported Me On My Journey!

Before working with Sage, I wasn't sure what my business was exactly. I'd learned lots of models that worked for other people. I wasn't sure what worked for me.

I learned what it is that I do best and what I love to do. I learned what I have to do and how to make it more enjoyable.

The best part was starting my blog. I love writing and I enjoy sharing myself and my wisdom through words with others. I also learned that I enjoy the up close and personal of doing workshops and that people enjoy what I have to offer.

Sage was so supportive as I journeyed through this time of learning and growing. She noticed what inspired me and pointed me in that direction. Thank you, Sage!

Constance Chapman

Sage Helped Me Get Past My Fear and Self-Doubt!

I turned to Sage because I needed some major changes in my work life. I am frustrated with my job and ready to go off on my own, but I didn’t know where to start. I wanted to start a blog, but it was scary and intimidating. Overall, I felt stagnant and like I was stumbling through life. 

In addition to Sage being a wealth of knowledge (she always seemed to have a resource for every problem!), I also learned more about me. I got more in touch with my spiritual side and my thoughts. I had never thought much about gratitude before working with Sage, and now it has become part of my life.

I also got past a lot of my fears and self doubt. Even though the timing isn’t right for me to go off on my own yet (due to some family situations), I feel confident and ready to do it. I also started reading again. I was an avid reader for years and had slacked off and now it’s one of my goals to read. I also started keeping a planner again and a bullet journal. Both have improved my life immensely. I feel like I live with more purpose now.

I feel like I have a plan now after working with Sage. She taught me a lot of great tools, and her resources are terrific. I constantly refer back to things I learned and her tools in the Life Editor Clubhouse.

I also never thought much about meditation and manifesting before I met Sage. I had never heard of The Secret or The Miracle Morning and both have become part of my life. I love that Sage recommends so many books. I also love her life editing and Startup In 60 process. As an engineer, I am a very linear thinker, and both programs are logical and make sense. Sage is great at breaking down really big, tough tasks into bite-size pieces.

I always felt like when I talked to Sage it was a judgment-free zone. I always got off the phone thinking “OK, I’m not crazy!” Whenever I felt like I was hitting a wall or didn’t know what to do next, Sage had a suggestion of a next step. Overall, I really like Sage as a person. She’s upbeat and fun to be around. She’s easy to talk to and genuine.

Lisa Prieto

Sage Helped Me Get Back Up After Failures and Changed My Life

Before working with Sage I was pulling a full time job and feeling overwhelmed with my Master’s Program. I had just completed my first critical essay semester, and I was going into my critical thesis the next semester

I was extremely intimidated by the future I was facing. I wanted to keep my job and stay in school. The problem was, I didn't know what needed fixing. There was just so much on my to do list I didn't know where to start.

I discovered Sage while I was looking for a “life changing planner.” Instead of just getting a planner I got Sage and a planner. I have to say I am so glad I had her on my side while I was working on this HUGE endeavor.

I learned that my job was not to worry about the big goal. Because that freezes me up inside. My job is to focus on “what I can get done this week, today, in an hour.” The big goal will take care of itself as long as the little things are getting done.

When I signed up with Sage, I had half of my Critical Thesis argument done, and I needed to manage my time better so that I could get the rest finished and start an entirely new project for Creative Thesis semester. Sage’s check-in every 2 weeks worked me through the small steps towards my big goals.

I know everyone says they learn and achieve so much in the first month that they are amazed. But my experience with Sage was more like a marathon rather than a sprint to the goal line. The progress was a year’s worth of writing, researching, meditating, confessing, managing, implementing, pep-talking, and nerve-biting work on 2 life-altering assignments.

There was no way to be “one and done,” and Sage was the best at making sure I wasn’t going to overwhelm my fragile confidence.

What I gained from Sage’s coaching is something I barely know how to define. But I am a writer so here is my crack at it: Sage taught me the very important truth that no matter how much I prepare I am going to fail at things I set out to achieve.

The trick is to get up and go at the goal again while keeping in mind what I learned from the first, second, and fifteenth time I failed before.

If I hadn’t met Sage, maybe I would have still graduated. I just know that if I hadn’t met Sage I would not have gained the very important skill of editing. Editing my life and editing my writing are the 2 most important things I needed from her. And she really did help me get there.

In summary, when you feel really overwhelmed by the goals you’ve set for yourself, don’t quit or do something so drastic that you can’t fix that action once it is done. Find someone that can help you make those goals smaller and easier to accomplish. Sage is really one of the best people to consider as that someone.

Linda K. Strahl

A Boost Forward!

Before working with Sage, I was trying to find my focus amongst ALL THE THINGS I could be doing to get my business off the ground but kept second guessing myself. I was never confident enough that I was on the right track to finish following through.

Sage helped me articulate my message in a clear framework, set me up to launch my first coaching calls, and gave me a ton of clear actionable ideas on how to grow my community.

I filled my 4 coaching call spots within 3 days, received great feedback, and had one client ask how she could continue working with me completely unprompted!

Thanks Sage! Our VIP Day gave me that boost forward that would have taken me months to pull off by myself.

Kerryn Hewson

Sage Helped Me Get a New Job and Double My Salary!

Before working with Sage, I was in a period of my life when I was figuring out how to “really” be an adult. I had moved away from my hometown, and was having a very difficult time starting over.

Although I scoffed at the idea of life coaching, I was drawn to Sage’s optimism and methodical and (let’s face it!) “Type A” approach to problem solving. I knew I needed someone to hold me accountable and help me find structure while I hunted for a new job and pulled myself out of my pessimistic rut.

Sage set up a series of goals for me to hit for both optimism and my job search. We revamped my resume and figured out what’s really important to me in my everyday life. She pushed me past my low expectations and helped me own my worth. She also held me accountable to my ambitious goals—I applied to 5 jobs a day for almost 2 months!

At the end of our coaching, I was in a job built on my experience, made me more marketable, had a team I loved, and double the salary I had in my nightmare job, not to mention $12,000 more than I made at my best-paying job.

Now, years later, I've started a Narrative Consulting business. Narrative Consulting is all about working on messaging and story, making sure that people and companies are finally understood - a true combination of my skills and interests.

So much of what I'm doing is built on the work Sage and I did together in the past. (I find myself saying "more white space" all the time!) I used the techniques I worked on with Sage to find a bridge job that pays double what I made back when we started coaching, and my positivity routine remains intact. My husband and I still end our days telling each other what we’re grateful for.

I keep coming back to Sage as a coach when I have a serious decision to make or major plan to sort out. She is a genius at figuring out what’s essential and breaking things down into bite sized pieces to get stuff done.

Most importantly, I’ve learned from Sage that a happy life is built on small daily habits and gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. The foundation you build is what allows you to soar. Working with Sage is like a positivity injection!

Suzie Soloviev, The Narrative Solution

Working With Sage Changed My Life!

Her belief in me is what’s contagious. I learned self-care (white space) is key to how my day is going to go. Since working with Sage, my self-care has never been so excellent.

Almost every morning I’m reading affirmations, writing in a gratitude journal, visualizing how I want my future and day to go, and scheduling ways to refuel myself.

I also have brand new fresh ideas for my business that I’m lit up and excited about taking on. She creates a space for excellence and balance because this is how she lives her life.

My life has changed. I’m more focused on what matters to me. I take actions that support how I want to feel now. Self-care is the foundation for happiness, and I’ve found the well. Thank you, Sage!

Nichole Crawford

I Went From Idea to Paying Client in 2 Months!

Before working with Sage, I didn’t know how to create a photography mentoring business. It was something new, and I was lost about how to make it happen.

I was hopeful but needed help.

I learned that I don’t have to create my business all on my own. There is help when you need it. Sage showed up just when I needed her. She was there when the idea was born and held my hand to get me started.

Sage kept me focused on the business I was creating. I went from idea to my first paying client in 2 months!

My creativity comes out better when I’m having fun, and Sage is fun! But she’s also focused so that I make continuous progress toward my goals.

Erika Swafford,

I Found the Bravery to Move Forward With My Business!

As an educator, I found myself coaching people all of the time, but felt confined and limited in my ability to make a difference in their lives and to help them meet their professional goals.

Sage helped me clarify my professional purpose and gain clarity regarding how to best assist my tribe.

Now, I’ve opened my own coaching and consulting practice for emerging mental health professionals, which honors my skills and passion as a clinician, educator, and supervisor. I have a solid framework in place, packages that serve my clients well, and a growing community.

I’ve learned that it is important to remain congruent with my goals and not to try to fit what I think I “ought” to do in terms of others’ professional expectations of me. I’ve also learned that having a clear idea of my ideal practice and accountability are two major tools in my success.

Working with Sage allowed me the space to reflect on my passions and to develop a concrete plan to move forward in my business. She provided me with access to tools, constructive feedback, and the compassion I needed to find the bravery to move forward in growing my business.

Dr. Sara Bender

Now I’m Following My Passion!

Before working with Sage, I was struggling with a business that no longer fit my passion, with clients who weren’t ideal. As a result, I was working very long hours, with very little to show for it. I was overwhelmed and quite unhappy.

However, while working with Sage, I learned that it was OK to stop what wasn’t serving me anymore and instead discover what would work. As a result, I stopped focusing on the business that was not doing well (and was therefore dragging me down financially and emotionally), and refocused on my passion—writing to inspire women to live to their fullest potential.

Now I am following my passion and writing again! I am so much more fulfilled, and my followers are too! They are engaged and my following is growing every week.

Life coaching with Sage was just what I needed to stop living a life I was unhappy with. She helped me feel confident about the changes I needed to make to fulfill my own passion and purpose.

When I sit down to my computer each day, I’m excited about writing another post, engaging with another reader, and about finally writing all the books that have been waiting on me to start them!

Alane Pearce

I Reached My Income Goal 2 Weeks After Our First Session!

Before I started life coaching, I didn’t know where I was headed or how to get to the next level. After 5 years, my blog was stuck at a certain level, and I wasn’t happy with where I was at.

I had a ton of ideas but would never know what to do first. And I always knew I needed some guidance because a lot of successful people have mentors or someone to guide them. Since I’ve been working with Sage, I have a laser focus on what to do next. She helps me figure out and prioritize the next steps, which is really helpful.

I created free printables with an email opt-in and redesigned my blog. It has already increased my email subscribers by 324 in only 3 weeks. Before that, my list wasn’t growing. And my Facebook followers have steadily increased since working with Sage.

I also reached my income goal 2 weeks after our first session. I’m quickly checking off things from my list of goals. I even created a product from scratch in only 3 weeks!

I learned that big things get done when you break it down into smaller steps. I’m more motivated to get things done when I have to check in with someone too.

Success is working towards accomplishing goals and dreams no matter how scary they are.

Fanny Seto, Living Richly on a Budget

Sage Helped Me Put One Foot In Front of the Other

I started life coaching with Sage because I knew I needed some handholding. I get overwhelmed easily and then don’t do anything. I was unsure of where to start, paralyzed by fear, and I wasn’t getting any work done.

Sage made it EASY. And SIMPLE. I tend to overcomplicate things. I still hear her saying, “What’s the easiest win for you this week?”

I really loved how she checked in with me, even when I wasn’t checking in with her—that made me feel cared for and thought of and kept me accountable.

I realized that I was going down a path that everyone was going...but not the path I wanted. I learned that I don’t have to do things the way everyone else is doing it. I can do it my own way!

Development of a brand/biz doesn’t happen overnight. It happens when you put one foot in front of the other. There’s no “secret” to success. It’s getting started, building momentum, and recommitting to the business daily.

No matter what happened between our coaching sessions, I knew that our meetings would realign me and get me focused. I also loved that I could always touch base with Sage via email any time.

I really enjoyed Sage’s enthusiasm for my business AND her openness about her own business struggles and her willingness to share her personal experience.

Nell Schroer

I'm Living an Edited Life, and Now My Dreams Come True!

Before I started working with Sage, my life was a mess. I was 20 pounds underweight. I had a semi-successful e-commerce business that I had to close down due to confusion, plus a full-time job. Having a diverse background was adding to my frustrations.

I read Sage’s book How to Remove Toxic People From Your Life, which was a milestone for me because it was then that I realized how much editing I needed, including deleting my husband. Forget “unsupportive,” he was “unforgiving” of any little success I had and made me feel guilty of breathing.

I’m living an edited life. I am an owner of a design and consultancy business. When I wake up, I know exactly what needs to be done, and Sage helped me to develop a very unique schedule that works for me.

I have learned to embrace my high-octane, overachiever personality. My creativity doesn’t run wild anymore. My dreams come true. I have learned how to approach my daily tasks without fear and mental chaos.

My to-do lists are not threatening anymore, and they end up with the word DONE next to each entry. I learned how to stop my resistance, be less of a control freak, and let go of the will to control the outcome.

The first time I saw Sage I fell in love with her personality. She is über amazing. Gentle yet firm. And if you are planning on slacking, don’t you worry—she will put a stop to it!

I was surprised to complete my 3-year plan in just one month. Working with the life coach is an incredible experience.

Hanna Gristina

I Got a Fabulous New Job With Sage’s Help!

Before working with Sage, I was at a crossroads with my career. In a suffering industry, I knew it was time to take a new path, but I lacked confidence and was fearful I’d end up unhappy in a new job.

Sage helped me hone in on what I wanted in my next move and motivated me weekly to take "baby steps" (as she calls them!) towards that. I didn’t settle, and now have a fabulous new job with a forward-thinking company.

Besides that big goal, Sage also helped me start my new blog. She has fantastic experience and insights and really drove me to do something I love out of work hours. In general, I really learned to believe in myself and do the things that scare me.

Life coaching with Sage was fantastic! She’s very motivating, holds you accountable, and lets you tell her your biggest fears without judgment.

Georgie Bryant, Where the Light Plays

I Reached My 3-Month Income Goal in Less Than a Month!

Before I started life coaching with Sage, I always wanted to develop a more professional looking website as well as position myself as a business. I also had a hard time being confident and letting people know about my talents.

I have learned to push myself and get out of my own comfort zone and started to get things done. I have also learned that it only takes a minute to do certain things that would make a huge impact on my business.

Life coaching with Sage was a wonderful experience! I liked how she was on top of things, being accountable, and always supportive. Sage had great ideas and insights, and she was always inspiring.

I’m thrilled that I reached my 3-month income goal in less than a month!

Sage will take you to your next step in achieving your personal and professional goals.

Vanessa Greenway

I Wish I Could Keep You Forever!

Before working with Sage, I was struggling with getting things done that I knew would help my business grow. I needed to put some packages together and update my website. I needed to blog and send out newsletters more regularly. I also wanted to build my list! These are just a few of the things that I just wasn’t making time for but were essential to my business.

I learned that I CAN make the time, and once I started blogging regularly it became easier. I noticed on the days that I published a blog post, the traffic to my website increased dramatically. I also got an awesome tip from Sage about using a social media management site such as Buffer to help with my social media postings and save me time. I love it!

One of my favorite things was setting up my VFO (valuable free offer) and designing new opt-in forms on my website. I also started using Magic Action Box below each of my blog posts, which increased my subscriber list.

Sage is amazing, and it is so wonderful to have her support and encouragement. She was there to help me stay focused and be accountable in the friendliest of ways. She asks at the end of each meeting what she can do to help me, and I usually just asked her to check in and give feedback, and she did just that. I value Sage's knowledge, and she truly has made a difference in my life.

Thank you Sage! I wish I could keep you forever.

Katie Radke, Indigo Moon by Katie

I Didn't Know How Much of a Difference Having My Own Coach Could Make!

Sage is full of amazing energy, down-to-earth, and very passionate about the work she does.

She makes you feel comfortable right from the start. When I started working with Sage, she helped me set realistic goals to make my business grow.

Within the first month of working with her, I got my first client. A second came quickly after this, with much interest in between.

Through our work together, she became more than just a coach. She became a friend. One who supported and encouraged me to make my dreams come true.

I didn’t know how much of a difference having my own coach could really make!

Marie-France Lamothe

The Refresher I Needed to Start Moving Forward!

Working with Sage gave me the refresher I needed to start moving forward on work I’d been avoiding. Sage kept me focused on my goals and the steps it would take to reach them.

Her regular system of checking in between sessions kept me accountable and moving forward. As a result of my work with Sage, I now have a new website and 2 products that are almost ready to launch.

I recommend working with a coach in general, but Sage in particular has a way of keeping sessions focused on the new and good, which left me feeling as though my goals were doable and maybe not as hard as I think they are when I'm trying to work them on my own.

Sara Marchessault, Joyful By Design

Thank God for Sage!

Thank God for Sage and her excellent, gentle—but firm—coaching. Without her steady hand I would have never gotten my membership site, The Whosoever Community, off the ground.

She kept me on track by breaking down huge tasks into small, doable, chunks that helped me actually feel in control of my massive project.

Her encouragement helped me stay enthused and engaged with my site even on days when I wanted to ditch the whole thing as too hard and too big. She kept me accountable and gave me the tools I need to tackle future projects with ease and enjoyment.

Candace Chellew

Sage is Super Fun and Very Supportive!

Before working with Sage, I was overzealous with my work as a freelance translator, often working until midnight and on weekends. I couldn’t achieve and maintain a balance in my life and tried to be an all-managing super-woman.

Together we analyzed my wishes, dreams, goals, struggles and discontent, and concentrated on 2 priorities: establishing my own practice and starting a second business...and having a lot of fun. I have increased my self-time and family time and earn no less!

Sage taught me how easy it is to develop an action plan for every single goal and to implement each one step by step while taking rests, having fun, and celebrating my successes. My favorite exercise was “New & Good,” and it made me realize how much I was accomplishing but had been taking for granted.

Sage is super fun, very supportive, knowledgeable, clever, and experienced. She held me accountable, offered many excellent ideas and advice, provided unlimited support, and gave me a road map to go further.

Inese Maria (Bernsone)

I’m So Thankful I Found Sage!

Just knowing that someone is out there keeping me accountable and having my best interest in mind has been great.

Sage helped me accomplish so much both personally and professionally including starting my business.

Having someone with me that has knowledge, as well as understanding, has given me the strength to break out of my shell and do things outside my comfort zone.

One of my favorite things is when Sage asks, “What can I do to support you?” and listens to how I need support whether it’s reminders to get something done or reading an email before I send it.

I’m so thankful I found Sage, and I’m glad I can continue to work with her!

Anna Rutledge, E and Me Baby Gifts

It’s Such a Feeling of Freedom!

Before I started life coaching with Sage, I would set goals but not really follow through with how to achieve them, or worse, just go with the flow expecting things to happen.

I was in a constant battle with myself over my weight and my finances. I allowed those frustrations to color my world, and I would regularly beat myself up over my failings.

Now I’m able to set realistic goals and take the steps necessary to achieve them. More importantly, when I have a setback, I don’t give up and I don’t bully myself anymore. If I feel myself slipping up, I can stop myself and change my course. I’ve never done that before, and it’s such a feeling of freedom!

Sage has this amazing ability to quickly zero in on the problem and then offer a credible solution. In our one-on-one calls, she listens carefully to what I say, but also what I’m not saying. She’ll delve deep into what I’m feeling and why, then come up with a solution that had never occurred to me.

Sage doesn’t judge me when I don’t reach a goal or if I fall a little short. She listens and then asks, “What needs to be done to accomplish this?” Then we work through what I need to do.

Lori McDonald, Journeys By Lori

Sage Helped Me Get Unstuck!

Before working with Sage, my business was on a treadmill. I was working hard, but my business wasn’t going anywhere.

Sage got me off the treadmill and onto the road by helping me understand that I could actually launch my business by taking a few products from start to finish.

She gently but consistently nudged me out of my comfort zone. Sometimes learning new systems is really hard, but it beats feeling stuck by a long shot!

Julie Benningfield

Working With Sage Was One of the Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made!

I was able to look at my ideas in their entirety and work through the pros and cons of each before putting together a plan to make them happen.

Now I’m starting my own business and writing my first book!

Sage is a fabulous listener and kept me motivated when things got tough and encouraged me to celebrate my successes. I looked forward to my weekly recap and check-in emails as they were always full of positive thoughts and amazing resources.

I loved working with Sage!

Colleen Elizabeth

Sage is Amazing!

After working with Sage for just 4 short weeks, I gave a presentation, launched a program for my business, began exercising daily, and lost 4 pounds!

I was experiencing emotional family stuff, and she was very supportive. Instead of just giving up, I found a better perspective to move forward.

Sage becomes your partner, and you try even harder. She lifts you up. She sees you accomplishing what you want to accomplish. She helps you find the path to reaching your goals.

I highly recommend working with Sage. You will find a better you.

Christine Davis

I Feel More Optimistic, Disciplined, and Focused Than I Have in Ages!

I feel like Sage has helped me to truly see how to structure my life in a way where every day draws me closer to my goals.

Sage has introduced me to some incredible resources, including her awesome worksheets, as well as websites and books she’s suggested.

The check-in emails kept me focused, and held me accountable.

Sandee Jackson,

I Reached My Goals in 10 Days!

Sage helped me to see different parts of my life in a new perspective and make clear choices in adding and deleting stuff in my life.

In 30 days I wanted to have more laughter and fun in my work, find a new friend, and start a habit of weekly sauna—and I did it already in 10 days!

Thank you, Sage, for helping me make my life more fulfilling!

Tytti Laine, Develooppi,

It's Been a Real Eye Opener!

Sage really made me think about my daily routine, what was out of line, and how I could make small changes that would strongly impact my happiness.

I changed my morning routine, stopped attending events that drained me, and I even started a knitting club for parents at our local school to make new friends. Thanks Sage!

Amanda Young

Working With Sage Was a Privilege!

I learned several techniques to rearrange my daily routine to increase productivity and strike a better balance between mom and mogul.

My biggest “a-ha”came when Sage flipped my view on “coming from a place of lack” and showed me that by turning down a few opportunities in the name of avoiding this “place of lack,” I was in fact creating one.

The clarity and strategy Sage provides is amazing.

Audrey McLaughlin, RN

Sage Provided a Wonderfully Safe Space!

Her program has allowed me to make important changes in the 5 areas of my life. Sage provided a wonderfully safe space for me to analyze the current state of my relationships.

The worksheets and the check-back email made a huge difference and prompted me to go back to the program and set up my 30-day plan to change my life. It’s an immensely valuable part of the program.

I’m very happy and grateful for the clarity and support that Sage provided with this easy and well-structured program. Thank you so much!

Frauke Mobius

Sage Opened the Doorway to Freedom!

Working with Sage gave me the permission to totally change the direction I was heading and opened me up to the possibility that I could embark on a career that is fueled by passion.

I no longer feel the desire to pursue work that I thought I should, instead following my heart.

Sage gave me the permission I needed to travel down my own road, and now I'm ready to fire up the paver.

Nanette Nuvolone

So Glad I Tried Life Editing!

Working with Sage was a great way to get my “feet wet” with one-on-one coaching! I loved Sage’s no-nonsense approach throughout the process.

While coaching is no quick-fix, I came away with improvements I could focus on right now for instant results that will positively impact my life and business!

Jessica Maceda,

I Thoroughly Enjoyed Working With Sage!

Sage helped me recognize some of the bad habits in my life and come up with practical and effective ways to turn those bad habits into good habits.

I am incredibly grateful to Sage for listening, offering great advice, and helping me to edit my life.

Lori Logan Vance

I Love Sage's No-Nonsense Approach to Life!

What I liked about Sage's program is the step-by-step process of editing like a publisher. Easy but deep.

I love Sage’s gracious approach to people and no-nonsense approach to life.

Charlotte Duzong