Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get in touch with you?

If you have a question about life coaching, please send an email to

What’s the difference between a therapist and a life coach?

A therapist works with you to determine how your past behavior, actions, and circumstances are affecting you now. A life coach provides motivation, resources, and inspiration to help you achieve your goals and design your future life.

Therapist = works on your past. Life coach = works on your future.

Not to sound rude, but I don’t give a damn about your past.

Everyone goes through tough times. Eventually, we must choose to let go of our hurtful past and embrace a shining new future. I'm living proof that it's possible to recover from abuse, depression, and a terrible childhood.

If you’re ready to stop blaming others, being lazy, or playing the victim—then I’m your coach!

Who do you work with?

Most of my clients have their own businesses or are building them from the ground up with my assistance. I’ve worked with painters, writers, photographers, coaches, healers, fashion consultants, interior designers, jewelry makers, and yes…editors.

Some are corporate professionals without their own businesses. Some decided to start businesses and then quit their day jobs. And others love their current jobs and started their own businesses for extra income or vacation money.

My clients love my ability to help them take their ginormous goals and break them down into doable daily mini tasks so they’re always making progress.

I currently have clients on all continents. Well, except for Antarctica. Penguins don’t seem to have a need for life coaching.

My clients vary in age, but most of them are 30-50 years old. Don't worry if you fall outside that range! My clients all share the desire to put themselves first. They want to develop loving, respectful relationships; design careers that ignite their passion; and feel connected to their mind, body, and spirit.

Does that sound like you? If so, I'd love to work with you!

Who do you NOT work with?

I do not work with slackers, chronic complainers, or those who want a “quick fix.” I don't take clients who want to complain about everyone who has hurt them in the past, how unfair their lives are, and never take responsibility for how their lives have turned out.

I'm your coach, not your best friend.

I'm here to motivate you to achieve big things despite your circumstances. I'm not your shoulder to cry on. I will push you harder than you’ve ever pushed yourself, and you will achieve things you never thought possible. I know you can do it!

What results do your clients get?

My clients get results equal to the amount of effort they put in. I’m not a magician, and I don’t have a magic wand. My clients have gotten new jobs, lost weight, started businesses, overhauled their daily routines, developed optimistic mindsets, and nurtured their relationships.

  • Client J: Her manager was trying to get her fired, so we worked together to get her a new job at a different company with a $20,000 increase in salary in just under 5 weeks.
  • Client L: She came to me with only an idea for starting her own wellness coaching business, but she didn’t have a website, followers, or programs to sell. Within 30 days, she got her first paying client, tripled her Facebook Likes, and created a professional online headquarters.
  • Client D: After putting her health and fitness on the backburner for months, we created a revamped exercise schedule and uplifting affirmations to keep her motivated. She lost over 9 pounds in 6 weeks and is feeling more energized and excited about life than she has in years.
  • Client G: With my help, she took her struggling interior design business to new heights of success by rebranding, marketing to her ideal customers, starting a video blog, and reached her 3-month income goals in less than 4 weeks.
  • Client B: She wasn’t making any progress on her novel, so we set up routines, systems, and specific daily word count quotas. In the 4 weeks we worked together, she mapped out the entire book, finished more than half of the content, and decided to create her own company to help empower people living with a certain disease (the subject of her book).
  • Client M: Her coworkers and manager dumped so many projects on her that she was doing the work of 3 people…and not getting nearly enough recognition. Finally fed up with the situation, she and I documented her career accomplishments, gathered praise from other employees, and role-played her asking for a raise. When she presented her case to her manager, she got the raise and is on the fast track to becoming department manager.

If you’re ready to push yourself harder than you’ve ever done before, you CAN have the life you’ve always imagined. Don’t worry, I’ll be right there with you the whole way.

I won’t give up on you, and I won’t let you give up on yourself.

Where can I read testimonials?

Click here for client testimonials.

What should I expect during a coaching call?

I conduct my client calls through Zoom. I prefer video calls because I can better assess your struggles and progress when I can see you face to face. I also like to know that you're not playing video games or organizing your closet during our call, and you can see that I'm fully engaged too.

I’ll ask questions about your current situation, the challenges you’re facing, what your ideal life looks like, and the type of person you want to be. We'll also do a quick run-through of the Life Editing Process for one of your most-pressing issues.

Coaching calls that take place within one of my coaching packages are structured for your particular goals. We’ll discuss your progress over the past week, any obstacles you encountered, what you’ve accomplished, and goals for the next week. Depending on the program, you may receive homework in the form of worksheets, videos, training modules, or required readings. You'll also receive unlimited email support and check-in emails from me--no slacking off!

Click here to schedule a free coaching call with me.

I work during the day (or live outside the US). Can we have our calls in the morning (or afternoon, or evening, etc.)?

Yes! I live in Los Angeles, California (Pacific Time), but I have clients all over the world. We can certainly find a time for our calls that works for both of our schedules.

Why can’t I type in your worksheets?

I purposefully make all of my worksheets and guidebooks un-editable PDFs. I strongly believe that you will get more out of your coaching sessions if you write by hand. There’s a sense of ownership when you touch your pen to the paper and deliberately write out the words. As a coach, I ask you to delve deep into your most personal dreams and desires. I want to know what you are passionate about!

When you write down what you want in your own handwriting, you take ownership of your results.

There’s a lack of ownership when you’re simply tap-tap-tapping on a keyboard. Time and time again, my clients reach their desired results when they see their intentions written by them. This is especially true if they sign their names on the paper. Writing by hand is a way for you to make a promise to yourself because there’s no denying that you wrote it.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Many of my coaching packages offer payment plans. I understand how important it is to keep track of where your money is going and budget accordingly.

That said, if you do choose the installment option for your coaching package, you must be prepared to pay every monthly installment. There is no option to pause a payment subscription.

Can I get a discount? What if I send you some cupcakes?

If the price is a problem for you, please do not sign up for one of my coaching programs.

I offer high-value programs for my coaching clients in order to get them the big results they want. My programs are not for slackers, and I require 100% effort and commitment.

I've developed exclusive action plans, training guides, video programs, workbooks, planning forms, interactive worksheets, etc. that you can't find anywhere else.

Believe me, you get what you pay for.

My coaching programs have tremendous value, and I price them accordingly. You must decide whether you want to invest in yourself, your happiness, and your hopes and dreams, or continue on your current path.

Do you have a return or refund policy?

No. When you sign up for a coaching package, I block off time in my schedule for our sessions together so I can be fully dedicated to you and your success. Your time is important to me, and I will treat it with the respect it deserves. I expect the same from you.

If you miss your scheduled call and do not give me 24 hours notice, I will reschedule your call once. If you miss the rescheduled call appointment, I will drop you as a client and your money will not be refunded regardless of how many sessions remain in your coaching package.

How do I contact you if I have more questions?

Please send an email to me at