13 Self-Care Practices for Better Mental Health

I’m not a counselor, therapist, or psychologist, but many of my clients come to me for help with their mental health.

Obviously, I refer them to a medical professional if that’s what they need, but for most folks, a simple mindset shift can make a huge difference.

Sometimes we feel guilty for taking time off work, indulging in hobbies, or even sitting around doing nothing. That makes me sad!

We all need to recharge our emotional, physical, and mental “batteries” when our lives are filled with constant demands on our time and attention.

In fact, when you DON’T take care of your mental health, the consequences spread into every area of your life. You’ll snap at your kids, make awful mistakes at work, and probably get sick as a last-ditch effort from you body to get you to slow down.

Are you in need of a mental health break? Consider this your prescription!

Today, I’m sharing my best content to help you have better mental health.

1. It’s Time for a Mental Health Day. Schedule at least one full day off per month to really recharge.

2. Why You Need Mandatory White Space (and How to Get It!). It’s too important to take time off, so no excuses.

3. Life Editor’s Picks: Stress Relief. If your mood is shifting from “go go go!” to “no no no!” then I’ve collected some treats to help remind you to attend to your most important priority . . . YOU!

4. 3 Essential Boundaries You Need in Your Life. The more “rules” you have for your life, the more freedom you’ll enjoy.

5. Book Review: Women, Food, and God. Everyone needs this book on their TBR list! Honest advice for those who have a complicated relationship with food.

6. Life Editor’s Picks: Bad Day Emergency Kit. Do you have this backup plan for your life?

7. 3 Feelings You Should Never Ignore. Your emotions are valid!

8. A Simple Way to Get Stuff Done on Your Worst Days. We all have them. Here’s how to keep going even when it’s tough.

9. Life Editor’s Picks: White Space Weekend. Your guide to the best staycation ever!

10. Burned Out? 5 Ways to Enjoy White Space at Work. It’s possible no matter how much you have on your plate. If you feel like you’re suffering burnout because you’re not being given breaks or being denied your rights, speaking with free consultation employment lawyers makes sense.

11. 3 Simple Words to Avoid Burnout Meltdown. A super fast way to de-escalate a dangerous situation.

12. Life Editor’s Picks: Soothing Sleep. Your mental health depends on being well-rested.

13. 3 Tips for Handling Emotional Labor Without Overwhelm. Don’t let other people’s bad moods drag you down.

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