Sage Grayson, Life Editor

Hey there! I'm Sage Grayson, a former book editor turned life coach. I help ambitious career women edit their habits, routines, and mindsets to balance their happiness at work and home.

I'm a Life Editor . . . and so are you!

What's Life Editing?

Learn about my 5-step Life Editing Process and how tiny daily edits can help you make positive changes without the overwhelm.

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Life Editor Clubhouse

Join our membership community with video training classes to help you edit your life and business. Check back often to see what's new!

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Free Editor's Toolkit

Dozens of free worksheets, ebooks, and resources all in one place. Perfect downloads to ease you into making tiny daily edits.

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Work With Me

One-one-one coaching, VIP Days, and the accountability you need.

Your life editing journey starts here!

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Articles, videos, and more to help you delete, add, and rearrange the parts of your life into a perfect flow.

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