Best of Sage Grayson Life Editor 2016

The year’s almost over so let’s celebrate all the beautiful life editing we’ve done in 2016!

Every December I share the most popular content on Sage Grayson Life Editor from the past year—the blog posts, the videos, the freebies, the products, the programs, everything!

I love seeing what kinds of content resonated with you…and which topics just got crickets.

As always, let’s start with gratitude. THANK YOU!

I’m honored that you’ve embraced life editing and me. It’s been a pleasure to watch you Life Editors make small changes to clean up the rough parts of your life, businesses, relationships, health, finances, and more.

You are the reason I can continue to spread life editing to folks from around the world. Thank you and I love you!

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What I Edited in 2016

Preview of What’s Coming in 2017

  • Life Editing for Beginners live group program starts in January.
  • Startup In 60 live group program starts in March.
  • My live event Life Editor Weekend will once again be held in September here in Orlando.
  • Life Editor Academy will have a “light” version called Gold later this year so that folks who can’t travel to Orlando can still enjoy the support and accountability of the mastermind group.
  • More videos and freebies all year to help you edit your life.

Now without further ado, here’s the best content from 2016 as determined by number of views.

Top Freebies of 2016

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Top Blog Posts of 2016

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Top Videos of 2016

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Top Clubhouse Classes of 2016

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Top Products and Services of 2016

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What did you like best about my blog and business in 2016? What do you think I could do better?

What should I offer that would make editing your life feel even more fun and exciting?

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More Best of Sage Grayson Life Editor

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