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How to Ditch Your Bad Habits Once and For All! A Step-By-Step Guide

We all have bad habits that don’t reflect us living our best edited lives. For me, I spend WAY too much money on new planners and notebooks when I have dozens of unused ones sitting in my office. I even bought 4 new ones on Black Friday. Yowzers! My clients struggle with their bad habits…

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3 Best Happiness Tips From My Favorite Gratitude Books

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who are celebrating today! I’m incredibly grateful for you lovely Life Editors and your endless support. It’s been nearly 9 years since I started my life coaching business (WOW!), and much of my success has come directly from you! Editing your life like how a book editor edits a…

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What to Do When You Don’t Feel Grateful Anymore

Would you consider it funny to get grumpy emails from people when you’re celebrating a week of happiness and love? Yeah, it’s hilarious in a twisted sort of way. All I can do is laugh, I guess! The best was a one-sentence message I got yesterday: “Getting sick of your daily emails.” Makes me wonder…

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Why I’m Not Selling Printed Planners for 2020

I’ve been dreading writing this blog post . . . which is probably why I finally clicked the “Publish” button so late in the day. Maybe if I procrastinate a little longer they won’t be so mad? But no, I just had to take a deep breath and put it out there to the world.…

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Power Hour! 6 Productive Ways to Use Your Extra Hour Today

You might feel well-rested today because (for many of us) daylight savings time just ended. That means you probably got an extra hour of sleep. Or if your body didn’t get the memo and you woke up early, you might be a little giddy wondering what to do with those extra 60 minutes that fell…

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5 Things to Do Before the End of 2019 | 5 Friday Edits

Do you remember your new year’s resolutions? Yeah, me neither! The year’s winding down, and it’s incredibly tempting to park yourself on the couch, eat Halloween candy, and watch The Office for the millionth time. There couldn’t possibly be enough days left to reach your goals before the end of 2019, right? Wrong! There are 12 weeks…

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