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What I Do

Hey there! I'm Sage Grayson, a former book editor turned life coach.

I help ambitious women edit their habits, routines, and mindsets to balance their happiness at work and home.

I'm a Life Editor . . . and so are you!

How I Got Here

I was a book editor in the publishing world for 10 years editing medical textbooks and journals. It was fulfilling work for a while, but eventually, I struggled with reading about disease, pain, and death every day.

My days were filled with burnout and unhappiness, and I wanted to find to a career that would light me up inside.

In the most basic terms, I wanted to feel hopeful about the world again.

This was in 2011, and at that time, I ran a mildly popular advice blog. Soon I noticed that other people (life coaches in particular) were getting paid for the same advice I was giving away for free.

I rebranded my blog as a life coaching business, and quickly gained clients who were ready to make big changes.

Then a funny thing happened.

I noticed that I was (unconsciously) teaching my clients to improve their lives little by little just like how I used to edit manuscripts back in my book editing days.

Ding! A lightbulb went off above my head.

My Life Editing Process was born out of the idea that small changes (tiny edits!) can add up to a beautiful new story. 

I've used life editing in countless ways including:

Edit My Life

by finding purpose after an abusive childhood, cutting off toxic family members, and rebounding from divorce.

Edit My Business

by developing my own trademark framework, pivoting with changing technology, and implementing strategies for consistent growth for more than 10 years.

Help My Clients

overcome fear, clean up every aspect of their lives, and feel happier and more fulfilled every day.

How We Can Work Together

Coaching Packages

12 Week Edit

The 12 Week Edit is awesome for long-term goals!
  • Writing, editing, and publishing a book.
  • Creating and launching a digital product or online course.
  • Following a health and fitness routine for sustained results.
  • Starting a business from scratch and setting up your website, social media, products, programs, and ongoing marketing plan.
  • Refreshing and editing every aspect of your life after a major change (divorce, move, job loss, etc.)



VIP Days are awesome for BIG projects!
  • Setting up your website with pages, templates, freebie opt-in, etc.
  • Choosing your branding colors/fonts and designing your freebie.
  • Cleaning out a section of your home or organizing files.
  • Recording, editing, and publishing video content.
  • Mapping out a 12 week plan with specific week-by-week tasks.
  • Any project that needs focused time and attention.


Life Editor Academy

Join our 5-month mastermind group for ambitious women who want to edit their lives and reach their BIG goals.

From health to home, family to finances, business to busy-ness, we tackle it all!

$1500 (payment plans available)

Digital Programs

Life Editing for Beginners

This video course is your ultimate self-development program to help you stick to good habits, reclaim your time, and stop procrastinating for good.


Edit My Life Planner

This 5-day mini video course and planner bundle will help you get more done in the next 12 weeks than you did in the past 12 months!


Startup In 60

A supercharged time management course for busy women who are ready to finally start a business from scratch in just 60 days.


Life Editor Clubhouse

Join our membership community with video training classes to help you edit your life and business. New content is added weekly.

$17 / month

60 One-Minute Marketing Strategies

A 90-minute video workshop jam-packed with doable mini tasks to help you defeat your fear of marketing and build positive results over time.


50 Ways to Promote Your Business Without Social Media

A 90-minute video workshop jam-packed with simple tips to get your business in front of your most-likely buyers without the stress and overwhelm of social media.


Mind Over Matter Starter Pack

A collection of 5 of the most popular lifestyle video classes from the Life Editor Clubhouse membership site.


Boost Your Business Starter Pack

A collection of 5 of the most popular business video classes from the Life Editor Clubhouse membership site.


Free Resources

Editor's Toolkit

Dozens of free worksheets, ebooks, and resources all in one place. Perfect downloads to ease you into making tiny daily edits.


Strategy Call

Are you ready to stop playing small and start achieving all your BIG goals and dreams? Schedule a free 30-minute call with me through Zoom.


Sage's Favorites

The best of the best! Check out this collection of my favorite office supplies, tools, software, and books to help you edit your life and business.


30-Day Free Trial of Kajabi and 90-Minute Jumpstart Call

Sign up to start your free 30-day trial of Kajabi, the best all-in-one platform for entrepreneurs, and get a free 90-minute Jumpstart Call with Sage.


Client Testimonials

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"Sage Supported Me On My Journey!"

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"I Reached My 3-Month Income Goal in Less Than a Month!"

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"I Got a Fabulous New Job With Sage’s Help!"

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"I Reached My Income Goal 2 Weeks After Our First Session!"

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"My Income More Than Doubled While Working With Sage!"

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"Working With Sage Changed My Life!"

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Refund Policy

Due to the nature of my various coaching programs and the materials provided to paying clients, refunds are not offered on any coaching program or package. Immediately after purchase (depending on the package), you will have access to hours of video trainings, audio recordings, and webinars in addition to dozens of worksheets and resources. There is nothing preventing you from downloading and using all the materials immediately, so refunds will not be authorized if you decide you no longer want to be in the coaching program.

You are responsible for the results you achieve through life coaching. Although a coach can provide motivation, resources, and advice, it is up to you to put in the effort and do the work if you want to achieve your goals.

IMPORTANT: By purchasing a coaching package, you agree to pay the full coaching package fee, and you are responsible for the entire amount even if you decide to leave the coaching program at some point, regardless of whether there are any remaining calls. There are no refunds.

It is your responsibility to make an informed decision before you purchase a coaching package. Please send an email to if you have any questions.