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Best of Sage Grayson Life Editor 2018

2018 was a rough year for many of us Life Editors. The biggest edit I made was getting divorced after a 17-year relationship, and I’m slowly rebuilding the parts of my life and business that got knocked down by that massive upheaval. So I’m looking forward to a fresh start in the new year and…

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The 2019 Planners Are Here! Look Inside and Try Before You Buy

I grew up as a nerdy, bookish little girl in the Midwest who always looked forward to my favorite time of year. No, not Christmas. Not Halloween, and not even my birthday. To me, there was (and still is!) no sweeter time than back-to-school shopping season. Walking through the automatic sliding doors of Staples or…

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Free Printable Face Your Fear Week Action Plan!

Happy Halloween! This week marks my 5th annual Face Your Fear Week where we confront the things that scare us so we can become fearless Life Editors. Can I tell you a secret? One of my biggest fears is being imperfect. I absolutely hate it when things don’t go according to my painstakingly organized plans.…

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I’m Going Live Today! Wanna Join Me?

In just a few hours, I’m jumping on a Facebook Live call to answer all your burning questions about the Life Editor Academy mastermind groups. You can interact with me directly on the call, and I’ll also respond to common questions I’ve received through email and social media. Your Questions I’ll Be Answering: How much does Life…

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Want to Chat About Life Editor Academy?

Do you have a nagging question inside you? Is there something that’s pulling you in one direction, but your concerns and fears are pulling you in the opposite direction? This confusion is totally normal, and it’s something most of us face when we’re about to make a life-altering decision. Every time I launch my Life Editor…

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