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3 Undeniable Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

There’s one essential element every great business website needs: a blog! Before you push back and insist that you’re not a blogger, let me say that I’m not a blogger either! Sure, I’ve published more than 900 blog posts in the 6 years I’ve had my website, but my blog is just one of the…

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How to Tell If You Have an Upper Limit Problem

Just when you least expect it… WHAM! Everything goes wrong. Nearly all the clients I’ve worked with have experienced an upper limit problem or two. You might not be familiar with the term “upper limit problem,” but you’ll recognize it when it rears its ugly head. It’s the frustrating feeling when you’re making positive edits…

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6 Ways to (Finally!) Keep a Gratitude Journal

A typical gratitude practice for a busy woman usually consists of vaguely remembering to say “Thanks!” to the barista as you grab your coffee and race off to your next appointment. We’re too swamped to think about gratitude! We’re lucky if our hair is combed and we’re wearing matching shoes. I get it, I really…

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Here’s What You Get at Life Editor Weekend!

Years ago, I attended my first self-development conference, and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. My fingers worked furiously to scribble down all the tips and tactics I was hearing in my notebook. I’d never been surrounded by so many like-minded women who were dedicated to living their best lives. It was truly life-changing,…

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How to Use the Traffic Light Method to Conquer Your To-Do List

Hop in, Life Editor! We’re hittin’ the road! On the highway of life, you’re bound to run into some obstacles. What roadblocks are preventing you from getting to your destination? One way to fuel your motivation is to rewrite your to-do list into a format that makes it easy to instantly see what’s most important…

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New Clubhouse Class: Warm Letter Campaigns

Back in college (when dinosaurs roamed the Earth), I remember one of my professors teaching us about cold calls. Randomly calling a stranger to try to get them to buy from you was supposed to be a tried-and-true marketing tactic. It felt icky to me then, and cold calls are still one of the sleaziest…

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