New Clubhouse Class: Makeover Your Mornings

It’s no secret that I’m a morning person.

I wake up before the sun rises, workout with my trainer at the gym, review my to-do list, and finish my first cup of tea long before most folks roll out from under their covers.

Maybe it’s my destiny. I was born on a Monday, and that happens to be my favorite day of the week too.

But even if you’re a bleary eyed zombie in the mornings, you CAN train yourself to be a morning person. Like anything else that’s worth doing, it just takes some strategic planning and consistency.

I’m hosting a new class exclusively for the Life Editor Clubhouse that will teach you how to really rise and shine!

During “Makeover Your Mornings,” you’ll learn learn how to set up your morning routine so that you start your day off right…and keep that capable feeling all day long.

In This Class

  • Learn how to make time in the mornings for the things that are most important to you such as your self-care and planning your day.
  • Delete the time-wasters and energy drains that make your mornings slow and difficult.
  • Discover positive actions that boost your motivation and help you feel ready for anything.
  • Design an easy morning routine you can stick to no matter how busy your life becomes in the future.
  • Ask questions and speak directly to me during the live recording.

Be at the live recording to participate in the interactive Q&A session at the end!

Date: Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Time: 12:00 noon Eastern time

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How to Join the Class

  1. Purchase an ALL ACCESS subscription to the Life Editor Clubhouse membership site. Already a member? Click here to login.
  2. Under Life Resources, click the icon for “Makeover Your Mornings.” You’ll see the web access and phone access instructions to join the webinar class at the appropriate time.
  3. Attend the class to learn my tips and speak directly to me during the Q&A session.
  4. The class video will be added to the Life Editor Clubhouse within 24 hours of the recording. ALL ACCESS members can go through the class whenever it’s convenient for them.

Got a question I should answer during the class? Leave it in the comments below or send an email to

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Could your mornings use a makeover?

In the comments below, share your favorite morning rituals.

This post focuses on Step 3 of the Life Editing Process, Add Good Habits and Routines. For more about life editing and what it can do for you, click here.