A Simple Way to Get Stuff Done on Your Worst Days

I have a big confession to make: currently, I’m struggling with depression.

It happened so gradually over the past 6 months that I didn’t realize how anxious and sad I had become until my body started breaking out in painful rashes and I found myself unable to move from my bed for days.

Sometimes depression is spurred by changing life circumstances, and oh boy have I been through some doozies lately: divorce, debt, dating.

And sometimes depression pops up for no reason at all.

Yes, I’m seeing a therapist and taking my medication. What’s helped the most is forgiving myself for not being perfect.

Self-compassion is essential when a high-strung Type A person like myself is unable to do her work. It’s painful to watch the days go by and not make progress on my business projects.

So I remind myself that I’m human, and I’m allowed to keep my laptop shut and watch the same shows over and over on Netflix all day.

Have you experienced depression in your life? Hop over to Facebook and let me know what worked for you.

On the rare days when I have a burst of energy and I can see a ray of light peeking through the clouds of depression, I give myself permission to do a bit of business work without guilt.

If you’re going through one of your worst days, try these simple steps to get stuff done.

Then go take a shower. Trust me.

Do a Brain Dump

Grab the prettiest notebook you have. Seriously, colorful cute things are just what you need right now.

Write down everything that’s taking up space in your head: chores to be done, work projects, presents to buy, deadlines that are coming up, EVERYTHING!

Don’t try to categorize the random tasks, just let your pen flow over the pages until there’s nothing else crowding your mind.

I call this activity a “brain dump” because you’re literally dumping your thoughts onto the page. Some of them will be stinky and some of them will be treasure. It’s all good.

Circle Your Easy Win

Look at your brain dump list and choose the easiest win. What teeny tiny thing can you complete in the least amount of time?

I know, there’ll probably be a million things you “should” do or things people are waiting on. But that doesn’t matter on your worst days.

An easy win can give you a sense of completion that could snowball into more completed tasks. Or it could be the only thing you do today.

All progress counts, no matter how small.

A good easy win might be to take a shower (I mean it), reply to one email, put one thing away where it belongs, or drink a glass of water.

Ignore Everything Else!

Now close your notebook and ignore the brain dump list for the rest of the day. Yes, really!

Go do that easy win until it’s fully done. Give yourself a pat on the back. Call your friend to celebrate. Go back to bed.

Don’t try to cram more work into your day or else you’ll feel hopeless trying to handle that 10-page brain dump list. Let it go.

Remember that your worst days won’t be around forever. My depression comes and goes, and I do my best to manage it and conserve my energy.

When I am able to do an easy win, I can feel the old happy Sage rising to the surface again. I’m going to be OK.

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