The other day I was crushing my to-do list and knocking out one task after another. But I was so caught up in accomplishing every little thing that I forgot to take care of myself.

Oops! A massive stress headache was my reward for all that productivity.

It’s easy to get swept away with doing whatever’s most pressing in your life and business that you’ll forget to eat, stretch, or even go to the bathroom.

If your mood is shifting from “go go go!” to “no no no!” then I’ve collected some treats to help remind you to attend to your most important priority . . . YOU!

Here are my top picks to help you get some stress relief.

1. Stress Less and Self-Care Cards. An adorable deck with easy exercises to increase your mindfulness and decrease your anxiety.

2. Cooling Eye Mask. Shut out the world for a while and relax the tense muscles around your eyes.

3. Organic Herbal Tea. Nothing calms me down like sipping a cup of delicious tea . . . and ignoring my pressing priorities.

4. Acupressure Mat. I can feel the stress oozing out of me just looking at this! Don’t let the “teeth” scare you. This mat is wonderful for increasing your energy and circulation.

5. Inspirational Mantra Cuff. Keep this reminder close at hand so you can power through your fear.

6. Relief Shower Steamers. These are my favorite way to infuse my showers with relaxing scents so I can let my troubles wash down the drain.

7. Scalp Massager. The tingly feeling will sweep away the cobwebs and worry in your mind. Looks funny but feels amazing!

8. Arggh Giant Stress Ball. Yes, this is a ridiculous children’s toy. I don’t care! Sometimes the only thing that will relieve your stress is squishing something with your bare hands.

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This post focuses on Step 5 of the Life Editing Process, Make White Space for Personal Self-Care. For more about life editing and what it can do for you, click here.

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