How to Quickly Find Your Flow for a Work Morning

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My clients have a lot of excuses as to why they’re not being as productive as they should be. (Incidentally, that’s why they hired me.)

Most of the time they’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, tired, and unmotivated. They just . . . can’t . . . get . . . moving.

It’s a pretty common problem. A lot of people don’t naturally jump out of bed ready to get to work, especially if they sit at their desks all day.

If you’re have trouble finding your flow state (that is, when you easily breeze through your work as the hours pass by), then here are a few tips to help you be productive and energetic every day.

Try these strategies tomorrow morning!

Set Up a Morning Routine

Don’t drag through your morning like a zombie with nothing to do. By setting up a proper morning routine, you’ll give yourself a purpose and a plan first thing.

Your healthy morning routine could include your hygiene practices, exercising or stretching, meditating, reading, and eating your breakfast away from your typical workspace.

You might want to take a walk around your neighborhood to decompress, feel centered, and create a clear transition from sleep to work.

Get Dressed for Work

Yes, I’m well aware of the current worldwide health crisis that’s caused many of us to work from home instead of commute to the office every day.

But I insist that you still get dressed for work even if you’re not seeing anyone in person or on Zoom calls. You already know that I follow a strict No Pajamas Policy for myself.

Just because you can wear whatever you want at home doesn’t mean you should. No need to put on a fashion show, but make sure you get dressed for work like you actually care about your job and take pride in your appearance.

Simply dressing like a professional can help you act like a professional.

Plan Your Work Schedule

Finding your flow in the morning can set you up for success for the rest of the day, but creating a clear plan of attack can also keep you focused.

In my Startup In 60 program, we discuss 3 different kinds of schedules including batching, pacing, and time blocking. The basic idea is that you should plan WHAT you’re working on and WHEN you’ll get it done.

Don’t leave your tasks to get done “whenever.”

Your perfectly edited work schedule will depend on how much time you have, your most important priorities, and your personality.

Ditch Your Procrastination Traps

Working from home is rife with distractions. How are you supposed to get into flow when the laundry is piling up, your dog needs a walk, and your kid just threw your laptop in the toilet?

Also watch out for other procrastination traps that take your attention away from work for way too long such as Netflix, social media, or your phone.

A good tip is to identify whatever keeps you from getting your work done and avoid it during the first 2 hours of your day (or first time block). Be vigilant! This might mean locking your phone in a drawer or using a website blocker that stops you from accessing social media at certain times.

Getting into your flow state at the start of the day will give you a burst of motivation as you check off the tasks on your to-do list. You got this, Life Editor!

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