Book Review: Women, Food, and God

February is the month of love: obviously, for celebrating your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, but also for self-love.

What? Did you forget about taking care of yourself this month?

Regardless if you have a special someone in your life buying you chocolates and roses, YOU deserve to show love to yourself.

Too often we focus outward to what other people are doing or the distractions that are flung our way.

When we become numb to our own needs, we end up treating ourselves in ways that don’t support our goals.

We might never take work breaks so we get stressed out, or we stay up late watching TV instead of getting enough sleep, or most commonly, we mentally distance ourselves from our bodies and medicate ourselves with food.

No shame! We’ve all been there, and I’ve definitely drowned my sorrows in a bowl of vegan Cherry Garcia ice cream on more than one occasion.

Do we overeat to tame our hunger, or is all that food putting up a wall between us and the uncomfortable and scary feelings we don’t want to deal with?

Let’s get real and raw with one of my all-time favorite self-love books: the incredible Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth.

I’ve recommended this book so many times I’ve lost count, and my Life Editor Academy ladies often say it’s their favorite book we read all year.

Get ready to challenge the way you view food!

Women, Food, and God is part memoir, part self-help book for women who want to figure out what they’re really hungry for. Perhaps what you’re truly craving is companionship, freedom, relaxation, or love . . . not another bag of Oreos.

Geneen Roth’s writing hits me right in the gut, and I can’t help but empathize with the women at her retreats who use every excuse in the world rather than confront their own demons.

When it comes to food, we’re our own worst enemies!

Favorite Quick Tips

  • Sometimes the dysfunctional way we eat has been ingrained in us since childhood. We might have been given a cookie if we fell down or were rewarded with pizza for good grades.
  • Sometimes we don’t even like the foods we’re eating, but the numbness of binging stops us from feeling lonely, sad, or hopeless. It’s easier to push down those feelings than to experience our emotions fully and honestly.
  • Eating slowly and mindfully is firmly tied to weight loss.

As your coach, I want you to love yourself enough to have a healthy and balanced relationship with food.

You’ll find that the strength and solutions you’ve been looking for have always been inside you, and not on your plate.

Next Steps

  • Get your copy of Women, Food, and God.
  • Examine your relationship with food. Are you eating because of hunger or something else?
  • Clean out your pantry and fridge so you have more of the healthy food that makes you feel good and less of the junk that numbs you out.
  • Share your thoughts with me on Facebook.

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