Life Editor’s Picks: White Space Weekend

White space (also known as self-care) is severely lacking in most of my clients’ lives . . . and maybe yours too.

We’re all stressed about the quarantine, getting sick of our family members, struggling financially, and barely able to hold it together.

Who has time to think about something as frivolous as self-care???

Now I’m not suggesting you lock yourself in the bathroom for an hour-long bubble bath while your kids scream for dinner and pound on the door. White space is different for everyone, and only you know what things recharge your batteries.

But indulging in self-care is the easiest way to give yourself the energy to handle all the craziness in your life. By filling your cup, you have something to give others.

So if you can, carve out a chunk of time this weekend just for you. Sipping a delicious cup of tea for 5 minutes counts! “Tag-teaming” with your partner to watch your rowdy kids counts! Taking a shower counts!

Here are my top picks for enjoying a white space weekend.

1. Tuesday Crosswords Book. Yes, these are the “easy” ones, but you deserve to relax and feel good about your accomplishments, big or small.

2. Watermelon Neck Pillow. You’ll feel like you’re lounging at an expensive salon even if you’re just eating chips on the couch.

3. The Sacred Self-Care Oracle Card Deck. Discover dozens of new ways to care for yourself in this beautifully illustrated deck.

4. Yogi Tea Sampler. So many delicious, calming flavors to choose from!

5. Inhale Exhale Mug. A helpful reminder to breathe when the world seems out of control.

6. Shower Steamer Gift Box. I don’t have a large bathtub for using bath bombs, so that’s why I love these shower steamers. Place one on the floor of your shower and the yummy scents will waft up as the water sprays it.

7. Sloth Slippers. Go slow, hang out, and sleep.

8. Dinosaur Phone Stand. I have 2 of these prehistoric beauties in my home (so practical!) and they make great gifts.

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This post focuses on Step 5 of the Life Editing Process, Make White Space. For more about life editing and what it can do for you, click here.

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