11 Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Business Fast

Marketing is the only way you’ll get sales for your business, so it amazes me how many of my clients refuse to do the work.

It’s understandable that putting yourself out there can be scary, especially with all the internet trolls, haters, and doubters. Who wants to subject themselves to that kind of scrutiny?

But you could have the best products and services that get fabulous results . . . but no one will buy from you if they don’t know your business exists.

By using kind, genuine marketing tactics, you can show your potential customers that you know your stuff and you have the solution to their problems.

Today, I’m sharing my best content to help you embrace marketing like the professional you are.

1. The Most Useful Marketing Strategy You’re Not Doing. The most useful marketing strategy you’re not doing is leaving helpful comments on other people’s blogs. Here’s why you should start promoting yourself.

2. 5 Smart Things to Try When You’re Not Getting Sales. If you’re not getting sales in your business, then it’s time to try something new! Here’s how you can turn it around no matter what the reason.

3. Why You Must Grow Your Platform to Succeed. If you don’t have a large audience of fans who love what you’re putting out there, then it’s hard to get sales.

4. Hit Send! 3 Things to Always Include In Your Email Newsletter. Level up your email newsletter by adding a few special touches that will get your customers to open their wallets.

5. How to Use Social Proof to Get Sales. Social proof can help prove that you’re expert in your field. Learn how to boost your social proof and be a true professional.

6. Warm Letter Campaigns. “Cold calling” is gross and unprofessional. Instead, watch this video class in the Life Editor Clubhouse to learn the kind way to market your products and services.

7. Non-Sleazy Ways to Always Be Marketing. Positioning yourself and your brand is important if you want to be taken seriously. Here’s how you can always be marketing in an authentic way.

8. 3 Reasons Why Email Is NOT Dead. Instagram recently deactivated my account without giving me any explanation. But here’s why I’m not crying, and my business is still thriving.

9. How to Get Sales Without Being Sleazy. If you want to get sales for your business, then you can’t blast out your message to everyone. In this video, you’ll learn a kinder technique.

10. Stop Hiding! How to Love Being the Face of Your Business. Putting your face front and center for the sake of your business will help you earn your customers’ trust, show you’re a real person, and get more sales.

11. Market Like You Mean It. In this module from Startup In 60, you’ll learn how to get yourself and your business in front of your ideal customers so they can’t resist buying.

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