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Don’t Call Me a Blogger

I was having (another) frustrating conversation with one of my strong-willed clients about why she really, really, really needs to start blogging. No matter how I tried to explain SEO, ezine content, positioning yourself as an expert, and more, she still wasn’t having any of it. After going around and around for what felt like…

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The 12 Days of Life Editing are Back! Days 1-4

Welcome to the 12 Days of Life Editing! It’s beginning to look a lot like planner season . . . and that means my 12 Days of Life Editing series is back. Each day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas, I’m sharing a different tip to help you edit your life. Why the…

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Hit Send! 3 Things to Always Include In Your Email Newsletter

Entrepreneurs get super excited about “killin’ it” on social media, but the real money is in your email newsletter list. Your posts can get lost in the feed on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but everyone checks their email. An email newsletter subscriber list contains your most valuable customers. When your customers sign…

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Everything Added to the Life Editor Clubhouse in 2017

There’s no question about it, the best thing I ever created that saved my sanity and helped my followers find exactly what they need is my Life Editor Clubhouse membership site. It’s my “one-stop-shop” that houses every worksheet, guidebook, planner, video class, and training program I make to help ambitious Life Editors like you edit…

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My Black Friday Horror Story!

More than a third of my clients live outside the United States, so when we talk for the first time I often answer embarrassing questions about what it’s really like to be an American. “Do you eat cheeseburgers every day?” “Do you own a gun?” “Does your toilet have a bidet?” No, no, and no.…

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Rainy Day Vlog: Wrapping Care Packages

I’m a very “hands on” type of entrepreneur. At this stage of my business, I’m still able to interact with my clients in a genuine way, and one of my favorite ways is by sending care packages to my Life Editor Academy ladies. The Platinum level of the Academy mastermind group gets quarterly care packages…

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Real Talk: 5 Common Myths About Life Coaching

One of the most viewed classes in the Life Editor Clubhouse is “So You Want to Be a Life Coach,” and it’s easy to see why life coaching is so popular nowadays. It looks almost too easy—you toss up a website, take some pretty headshots, do a Facebook post or two, and watch the clients…

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