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Best of Sage Grayson Life Editor 2018

2018 was a rough year for many of us Life Editors. The biggest edit I made was getting divorced after a 17-year relationship, and I’m slowly rebuilding the parts of my life and business that got knocked down by that massive upheaval. So I’m looking forward to a fresh start in the new year and…

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Hit Send! 3 Things to Always Include In Your Email Newsletter

Entrepreneurs get super excited about “killin’ it” on social media, but the real money is in your email newsletter list. Your posts can get lost in the feed on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but everyone checks their email. An email newsletter subscriber list contains your most valuable customers. When your customers sign…

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Get Moving! Why Your Goal Needs a Deadline

I once had a client who took more than 18 months to finally make her website live. As you can imagine, this type of behavior drives me nuts! She fought me every step of the way and kept pushing back the deadline. First she had to get the perfect domain. Next she needed the perfect…

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Why You Must Grow Your Platform to Succeed

Whenever one of my clients is having trouble getting sales, we always take a look at her platform. And sometimes she won’t even know what a platform is! Your platform is how you interact with the people who could benefit from your products and services. Who are you trying to help? This can include your…

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Stop Hiding! How to Love Being the Face of Your Business

One of the best compliments I ever received was when my manager said I was the “face of the organization” and that’s why I was so valuable to the team. My face and outgoing personality certainly helped me make sales back in my book publishing days, but putting myself front and center helps my current…

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Why I’m Massively Editing My Business

NOTE: There is a limited-time promo code at the end of this blog post if you want to skip ahead and use it. Gather ‘round, children. It’s time for “Sage’s Honesty Corner.” I’m normally a pretty optimistic person, but the past 2 months have made me feel more drained and frustrated than I’ve felt in…

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