How to Get Sales Without Being Sleazy

There are a lot of strategies to choose from if you want to get sales for your business.

When I was in elementary school (back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth), my Girl Scout troop had an annual cookie sale.

We were expected to go door to door in our neighborhood taking orders on our little clipboards, collecting money, and then months later delivering the cookies to those houses.

Every year I flat out refused to knock on strangers’ doors to sell cookies. No merit badge for me! It felt gross and uncomfortable to approach people who I didn’t know and who didn’t know me.

In the business world, trying to get random strangers to buy from you is known as cold calling, and it was and is supposed to be a tried-and-true marketing tactic.

It felt icky to me then, and cold calls or cold emails or cold messages are still one of the sleaziest ways to promote yourself.

Sure, they kind of work, but only because if you harass 100 people then there’s probably one poor sap who will buy from you just to get you to stop bothering them.

If you have ever sent a cold message, then I am begging you to stop wasting your time on ineffective marketing techniques!

In today’s video, you’ll learn a better way to promote your business without being sleazy.

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