How to Use Social Proof to Get Sales

Once I was researching social media managers, and I thought I had found the perfect woman to hire.

Her website was slick and professional, she wore designer clothes, and her classy headshot looked like it had been taken by a professional photographer in a fancy studio.

Yep, she oozed confidence and success, and her online headquarters made her appear like the social media fairy godmother I had been dreaming about.

But before I made the call to purchase her services, I decided to check out her Facebook page. There were only 10 Likes.

Ohhhkay . . . What about Instagram? Just 23 followers. The alarm bells were ringing in my head. “Danger! Danger!”

In fact, none of her social media platforms had more than 50 followers, and she had been in business for several years at this point. Despite her flashy outward appearance, there was NO WAY I would trust my social media management to someone who wasn’t walking her talk.

This woman lacked an important marketing indicator called “social proof.” People are more likely to follow you, subscribe to your newsletter, and buy your products if you can prove that people already like you. 

So how do you prove that you’re expert in your field? It’s not all about social media, but is does involve pulling back the curtain and exposing the truth about your business.

In today’s video, you’ll learn how to boost your social proof and be a true professional.

In This Video

  • What social proof really is. Hint: it existed long before social media.
  • Why reviews, testimonials, and customer case studies are essential if you want to get sales.
  • How to highlight social proof in a genuine way so you don’t sound like you’re bragging.
  • Why you look like an amateur if you don’t have content (blog posts, videos) that highlights your expertise.

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