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Editor’s Notebook 168

The Editor’s Notebook is my place to share the things I’m loving this week and other random links that have caught my eye. Enjoy! What I’m Loving This Week Rebel, Upholder, Questioner, Obliger: which one are you? A cute animated video on The Four Tendencies from the always insightful Gretchen Rubin. How to KonMari Your…

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Your Questions Answered About Startup In 60

If you’ve been reading my emails and blog posts this week, you might be thinking my business program Startup In 60 sounds a little too good to be true. Can a super busy person like me really create an online business from scratch in just one minute per day? Is it truly possible to start earning money…

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Don’t Call Me a Blogger

I was having (another) frustrating conversation with one of my strong-willed clients about why she really, really, really needs to start blogging. No matter how I tried to explain SEO, ezine content, positioning yourself as an expert, and more, she still wasn’t having any of it. After going around and around for what felt like…

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Is This the Year You Finally Start a Business?

Having spent so much time over the past 7 years refining my coaching biz and introducing the world to life editing, I’ve noticed a pattern in my clients’ motivation. We all want to feel like we’re making a meaningful contribution. Climbing the corporate ladder and bustin’ the glass ceiling. Starting your own business and providing…

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The 12 Days of Life Editing are Back! Days 1-4

Welcome to the 12 Days of Life Editing! It’s beginning to look a lot like planner season . . . and that means my 12 Days of Life Editing series is back. Each day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas, I’m sharing a different tip to help you edit your life. Why the…

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3 Reasons Why Email Is NOT Dead

Recently, I experienced a (potentially) devastating business problem that I warn my clients about all the time. Instagram deactivated my account. Yes, I realize this sounds like such a “millennial problem,” but hear me out. Instagram is HUGE, and millions of businesses use the social media platform to market their products and services as well…

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New Clubhouse Class: Side Hustles Simplified

Next to fidget spinners and colorful slime, it looks like side hustles are having their moment. Nearly all my clients get to a point when they’re having so much success editing their lives that they want to start their own businesses too. But here’s the thing: they DON’T want to work 24/7, quit their day…

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