“That Won’t Work for Me.” Membership Site Edition

Today, we’re continuing my series “That Won’t Work for Me” focusing on different types of business owners and how my new program Goodbye 9-to-5 can help them earn a full-time income.

Next up, membership sites! 

My client “Wendy” is person with great big ideas. I really admire that about her.

She’s always dreaming up new ways to give her clients and followers more value. She’ll start with an idea and then ramp it up to 11!

Her favorite part of her business was her membership site. It had it all:

  • A private portal to hold all the videos and templates.
  • 90-minute monthly webinars.
  • Email access to her and private coaching.
  • 3 levels of access depending on their needs.

Well, Wendy’s membership site didn’t exactly have it all. It was missing one very important thing . . .  paying members!  

Every month, she’d diligently send her “Check out what’s new!” emails to her list and promote it like crazy all over social media.

After putting tons of her time and energy into her membership site for more than a year, she only had a handful of subscribers.

In fact, it cost her more per month to keep her business running than she earned from those few loyal fans.

Wendy was heartbroken when she hired me, so we worked on getting her to forgive herself and do the hard work to bring her business back from disaster.

First, we sent a survey to her email list to get feedback about what her followers loved and hated about her business and what they really need to reach their goals.

Then, we launched a “Farewell Sale” to sell her membership site content as a single-purchase Archives product to get a boost of income quick.

Finally, we designed a high-ticket group coaching program based on the survey feedback.

With her new group coaching offering, Wendy’s making a full-time income with an expensive program that gets her clients enormous results.

  • No more following random ideas down a rabbit hole.
  • No more publishing content no one wants.
  • No more burnout and overwhelm.

It’s OK to pursue your dreams and chase after big ideas . . . just make sure you don’t follow them off a cliff.

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