“That Won’t Work for Me.” Life Coach Edition

Today, we’re continuing my series “That Won’t Work for Me” focusing on different types of business owners and how my new program Goodbye 9-to-5 can help them earn a full-time income.

Next up, life coaches!

My client “Annie” was a talented life coach. Still is, actually.

She has a beautiful way of breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible action steps. It was this patient persona that made her coaching practice so popular.

No, make that wildly, unbelievably, massively popular!

When Annie started working with me, her schedule was packed so tight that she barely had time to eat or use the bathroom.

You know you have a problem when there’s no time for a potty break. 

She stuffed her schedule with more than 20 hours of client calls per week in addition to her usual blog posts, videos, and social media content. Not surprisingly, she worked through her weekends too.

Despite being overworked, Annie resisted making changes. “My clients love me! I have to be there for them.” she lamented.

Thankfully, I was able to convince her that opening up a mastermind group program would have tremendous benefits:

  • She was able to cut her client times down from 20+ individual calls to just 2 group calls per week.
  • Her clients got better results from the extra support and accountability during the group calls.
  • She was able to double her prices and offer more value including a private community and an exclusive member portal.

Now Annie is running her high-ticket, high-value group program without the overwhelm, and she finally has more time for better content creation and self-care.

And no more holding her pee all day. 

Apply now for Goodbye 9-to-5 where you’ll learn how to effectively manage your time while giving your ideal clients the phenomenal results they deserve.

Thanks for reading this edition of the “That Won’t Work for Me” series.

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