“That Won’t Work for Me.” MLM Edition

Today, I’m starting a new series focusing on different types of business owners and how my new program Goodbye 9-to-5 can help them earn a full-time income.

First up, MLM influencers!

Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies have a bad reputation, and rightly so. They often prey on low-income women in desperate situations looking for anything to help them earn money quickly with little or no training.

You’ve seen the MLM influencers promoting their leggings, protein drinks, and shampoo all over social media. It’s not about the particular product at all. The real purpose is to get other women to sign up under you as consultants so you get a percentage of their sales.

But what you don’t see is that more than 90% of MLM members never make back their initial investment.

People at the top of the pyramid get all the glory while those at the bottom face bankruptcy or worse. 

That’s why I was so disheartened to hear my client and friend “Kate” signed up for a leggings MLM. She asked me to help her get sales, and I knew pushing her about the dangers of MLM companies would only drive her away.

Instead, we made a plan for Kate to host bi-weekly women’s retreats at her home and charge an admission fee. She even created a high-ticket package for multiple retreats. Kate is a fabulous host, and fills her parties with music, food, games, self-care, and sisterly bonding.

Then at the retreats, she’d promote her MLM leggings in non-pushy ways while still focusing on the fun of the event.

Of course, she got some sales, but then something wonderful happened . . .

Kate realized she was making more money from the retreats than she did from selling leggings. Soon, she left the MLM for good and launched her own business hosting women’s empowerment retreats. She’s even been hired to plan other business owners’ special events.

If you have an MLM business, are you happy with the money you’re making? 

I’d love to show you how to design your own high-ticket, high-value package to get your clients better results in less time. Whether you stay with the MLM company or not, you’d still have a full-time income to provide for you and your loved ones.

Thanks for reading this edition of the “That won’t work for me” series. Send an email to sage@sagegrayson.com and tell me what type of business owner I should focus on next.

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