“That Won’t Work for Me.” Fitness Trainer Edition

Today, we’re continuing my series “That Won’t Work for Me” focusing on different types of business owners and how my new program Goodbye 9-to-5 can help them earn a full-time income.

Next up, fitness trainers!

My client “Ellie” was tired. SO. TIRED.

As a fitness trainer, she spent most of her days loading her car with yoga mats, resistance bands, and hand weights before driving all over town to her clients’ houses.

These individual, private lessons paid well, but she only charged for the hour-long class, not the driving and hauling and unloading and more.

Ellie was a sought-after personal trainer, but she rarely had time for the most important people in her life including her husband, daughters, and rambunctious dog.

Yep, she was “feeling the burn” . . . of major burnout! 

When we started working together, I demanded that Ellie finish up with her remaining one-on-one clients and then switch to a more sustainable business model.

We designed a group program with a virtual membership portal where her clients could log in to watch pre-recorded fitness videos. Now Ellie could record her workouts in her beautiful backyard and spend most of her time at home with her family instead of on the road.

With this group model, she could teach more clients all over the world, offer more interesting content, and not drain her physical or mental health.

Are you bending over backwards to please your clients? 

Consider this a sign to put yourself first!

Apply now for Goodbye 9-to-5 where you’ll learn how to set strong boundaries with a high-ticket, high value offer. 

Thanks for reading this edition of the “That Won’t Work for Me” series.

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