If You’d Do It For Your Best Friend, Do It For YOU!

Let’s do a visualization exercise that I lead my clients through when they’re falling into bad habits and giving in to their excuses.

Imagine your best friend (someone who doesn’t live with you) is standing at your front door.

Her house just burned down, and she only has the clothes on her back. Her kids and dog are with her shivering in the cold, and they’re desperately begging to live with you.

But for you to take care of your best friend, it will cost you several thousand dollars.

Would you spend that money to help her?

Of course! You’d move heaven and earth to save your best friend. 

  • You’d sell your old junk in a garage sale.
  • You’d get a second job or start working overtime.
  • You’d borrow money from a loved one or get a cash advance.
  • You’d send your warm letters to get more sales for your business.

Here’s some tough love: YOU are your own best friend.

If you would do it for anyone else, would you do it for yourself?

Aren’t you worthy of your best effort too?

Consider all the ways you’ll let yourself down if you don’t grow your business.

  • Do you really want another Christmas feeling broke?
  • Do you still want your corporate bosses to dictate your worth?
  • Do you want to tell your loved ones no? No, we can’t afford that university tuition. No, we can’t buy a new car. No, we can’t go on vacation this year.

You deserve to be wildly successful!

My Goodbye 9-to-5 program can help you clean up your messy business fast so you’re earning a full-time income in 12 weeks or less.

A small investment now could double your income in a short time frame. Be brave and draw from your inner strength to do the work without waiting for an emergency to give you a wakeup call.

Do it for financial freedom! Do it for your loved ones! Do it for your clients!

But most importantly, do it for your best friend . . . YOU. 

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