The Real Reason to Be Your Own Boss

When it comes down to it, the real reason I’m my own boss is because of salad.

Let me explain . . . 

Back in 2010, I was a book editor working in an enormous skyscraper in downtown Chicago. I wore a suit every day, strutted around in high heels, and felt oh-so-business-y and professional.

The highlight of my day was heading to the cafeteria for my lunch break and building a nutritious meal from the overflowing salad bar. Piling my plate with every veggie imaginable was proof in my mind that I had “made it” in life.

But I wasn’t successful, not really.

Those salads were priced by the pound, and more often than not, I’d think about my meager paycheck while hovering the serving spoon above my plate.

Could I really afford another scoop of chickpeas?

Looking back, it seems ridiculous that I was at the most successful stage of my life (up until that point), but I still had to consider the cost of my lunch.

There were other indicators that I wasn’t as well-off as I thought such as my 3-hour daily commute and the lack of raises and promotions.

I was reminded of that point of my life yesterday during a virtual retreat with my mastermind clients. We were sharing our favorite guilty pleasures, and mine is a $30 Vegan Cobb Salad I have delivered for lunch several times a week.

And the price never crosses my mind! 

How strange is it that a little more than a decade ago I worked for another company and had to pinch my pennies to afford lunch.

Now I’m my own boss and earn enough to buy what I want whenever I want.

The real reason anyone starts their own business is to have CHOICES!

What do you really want in life? Maybe it’s an expensive salad or something bigger like owning a house or affording healthcare.

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