“That Won’t Work for Me.” The Artist Edition

Today, we’re continuing my new series focusing on different types of business owners and how my new program Goodbye 9-to-5 can help them earn a full-time income.

Next up, artists!

My client “Daphne” was an artist who specialized in enormous acrylic paintings that towered over her petite frame. She always showed up to our video calls in paint-splattered overalls with her latest creation looming in the background.

Daphne spent her days driving her monster-sized canvases to local office buildings where they were rented and displayed in conference rooms. If someone liked her work, they could contact her to purchase it.

She also did custom paintings and shared her techniques and behind-the-scenes details on her popular blog.

As you can imagine, Daphne was exhausted from hauling her work around town and frustrated with the long gaps between sales. She needed a way to bring in consistent income.

Together, we brainstormed a new group program to help her followers build their own art businesses from scratch. She shared tips on how to improve their skills, where to purchase supplies, how to promote their art online and in person, and especially how to price their artwork for elite, high-income clients.

Oh boy, was Daphne thrilled to not be running all over town anymore! She could teach dozens of artists in her new group program from the comfort of her home.

She still takes on the occasional custom project, but the bulk of her full-time income comes from her group program.

And those consistent, steady sales are a welcomed relief. 

Are you making your business harder than it needs to be?

I’d love to show you how to design your own high-ticket, high-value package to get your clients phenomenal results while protecting your precious time, money, and energy.

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