I Let OLD WHITE MEN Run My Life For 2 Weeks | Self-Help Book Challenge

I’ve been a life coach for more than a decade, and I read constantly to stay on top of best practices for my clients.

But I noticed something strange as I was perusing my bookshelves . . .

Most of the books I recommend to my friends and clients are written by old white men.

They’re the bulk of the voices telling me how to live my life, with very few examples from women, people of color, or other under-represented groups.

This is mortifying as someone who prides herself on being inclusive and open-minded! Why was I listening to all these old white men, and more importantly, does their advice still hold up in today’s society?

I just spent 2 weeks letting old white men run my life, so watch today’s video to learn what worked, what didn’t, and if you should act like an old white man too.

Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
2:14 Meet the old white men and their books.
4:51 Live in your zone of genius.
7:42 Use Einstein time.
9:35 Slice your watermelon.
13:12 Eat that frog.
15:33 Delegate to technology.
19:08 Salami slice your projects.
21:49 Play hurt.
24:30 Don’t overly identify with your job.
27:33 Invoke the muse.
29:54 Define your life purpose.
32:34 Use the law of attraction.
36:11 Ask, ask, ask!
39:31 Capture your ideas.
42:13 Plan your somedays/maybes.
45:03 Choose your next action.
47:10 Final thoughts.
49:18 My results.
50:26 Your homework

Old White Men Books

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