Life Editor’s Picks: Pretty Soy Candles

I’m not much of a perfume kind of gal, but I do love me some scented candles.

Specifically, soy candles because I’m a vegan and we don’t want any of that nasty bees wax up in here. But give me a pretty soy candle and I’m a happy camper (happy sniffer?).

The best candles are ones you don’t even have to light to enjoy their scents. My favorite candle of all time was “iced tea” scented, and that bad boy lasted for nearly a decade without being lit once before it dried out into a sad shell of its former self.

What are your favorite scents and do you prefer candles, sprays, potpourri, or other infusers?

Check out my favorite pretty soy candles to liven up your home decor without harming animals or the environment.

1. Lavender Soy Candle. Everyone needs a classic, non-offensive scent for everyday.

2. Sage Candle for Cleansing House. Yes, I did choose this one because it’s got my name on it. Light this up whenever you’re in the mood for some spring cleaning.

3. Soy Wax Candles with Essential Oil. I’m in love with these intricate designs, and there’s a Christmas set too.

4. Scented Soy Candles Gift Set. The faux marble containers look elegant, and you can either give the entire pack as a gift or divide them up among all your friends.

5. ESNA HOME Luxury Scented Candle Set. A little pricy, but these candles will make your home look and smell like a luxury hotel.

6. Gemstone Candle. For those who want a witchy, magical vibe.

7. Good Vibes 6 Scented Candles. The perfect scents to unleash your inner hippie.

8. Vanilla Cupcake Natural Soy Candle with Jewelry. It smells like dessert AND it comes with a pretty ring? Genius!

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