How to Infuse Every Day With the Energy of Completion

I’ve been a life coach (or Queen of Productivity as one of my clients calls me) for nearly 5 years, but I still have days when my energy dries up and it’s impossible get moving.

My monster to-do list will sit untouched on my desk while I watch silly YouTube videos, reorganize my office supplies, or play with my dog Skyla.

The minutes tick by…

My emails go unanswered…

My blog posts go unwritten…

My followers think I’m on vacation—or dead in a ditch somewhere!

So how do I get started when my brain just wants me to sit around all day like a lump of mashed potatoes?

The best way to jumpstart my progress and get back to work is to narrow my focus and build on the energy of completion.

It’s the snowball method, and here’s how it works!

How to Feel the Energy of Completion

  1. Do a brain dump and get all your “open loops” out of your head and onto paper. Write down all your to-dos, appointments, projects, obligations, and half-finished work. Don’t worry if your brain dump is several pages long—just write!
  2. Once you’ve emptied you head of all your tasks, look at your brain dump and choose 3 things you need to (or want to) accomplish today. Limit yourself to only 3 important items so you won’t get overwhelmed.
  3. Take each item one at a time and break down all the mini tasks that make up that project. Be as specific as possible. If you need to write a blog post, your list might include choose a topic, write a bullet-point outline, fill in the gaps, add an introduction, add a conclusion, write a call to action, create an image, write an engaging headline, etc. There are many more mini tasks in this project besides “write a blog post.”
  4. When you have your list of mini tasks for each of your 3 must-do items for today, find the easiest win. That’s an action item that takes the least amount of effort, probably under 5 minutes of work. Do that mini task!
  5. After you’ve completed the mini task, cross it off your project list, write it in your progress journal, or otherwise acknowledge your accomplishment. You might want to create a treats and rewards schedule to make it fun. Feel good about being productive!
  6. Use the energy of completion from finishing that mini task to push yourself to do the next mini task. Continue to celebrate your wins as you inch forward.

Completing one little task makes it 100 times easier to complete the next little task. Like a snowball rolling down a hill, your progress will grow and grow.

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I like to tell my clients that any progress, no matter how small, is still progress. Keep using the energy of completion to move forward on all your goals and projects.

This post focuses on Step 4 of the Life Editing Process, Rearrange Everything Into a Perfect Flow. For more about life editing and what it can do for you, click here.

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