Wanna Hang Out This Weekend? Watch the Retreat Replay!

Whatcha doin’ this weekend? Let’s hang out, have some fun and get stuff done!

We’ll get creative with life editing to delete, add, and rearrange our lives to reach those big dreams we keep putting off.

Yesterday I hosted my Life Editor Weekend Virtual Retreat, and tons of you ambitious ladies showed up to cheer me on and design your 12 week plans.

I spoke for nearly 7 hours (!!!) while hosting the event, and whoa nelly, I was exhausted afterwards. Thankfully, about 10 cups of lemon tea fixed my sore throat right away.

Not only did we have a blast editing together during the retreat, but doors are now open for Life Editor Academy!

This is our kickoff launch party for our mastermind group for ambitious women who want to edit their lives and reach their BIG goals. From health to home, family to finances, business to busy-ness, we tackle it all. Get all the details.

Don’t worry if you missed the retreat. I got you covered! 🙂

The video recordings are available on Facebook and YouTube all weekend long. Dive into your favorite topics, pause the replay while you take notes, and enter to win my digital products during every session.

Download your retreat workbook, grab your planner, and let’s use my Life Editing Process to rock out your upcoming goals.

Welcome to the Retreat | Create a Foundation

Discover the second meaning of the word “retreat,” analyze your challenges and success so far this year, and learn how gratitude can give you the support you need for achieve your goals.

Delete Bad Influences | Add Good Habits

Create your Not-To-Do List to protect your time, energy, money, and mental health; understand how boundaries can lead to freedom; and get a clear picture of your ideal life.

Rearrange Everything | Make White Space

Figure out how to experiment with your schedule so that everything flows, learn the difference between self-care and self-comfort, and finally put your own needs first.

10 Life-Changing Lesson From 10 Years as a Life Coach

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how I started my coaching business, learn from the mistakes I made (so you don’t make them!), and discover my favorite tried-and-true strategies for lasting business success.

Edit Your Money Mindset | Business Best Practices

Debunk the money myths you might have believed all your life, determine what it truly means to be a professional, and hear my biggest pet peeve when it comes to businesses and customer service.

Overcome Your Resistance, Self-Doubt, and Fear

Kick your resistance to the curb so you can finally make progress, understand how your self-doubt negatively affects everyone around you, and reveal the sneaky ways fear is holding you back.

Goals Made Easy: Your 12 Week Plan for Success

Grasp the differences among goals, projects, and tasks; design your 12 week master action plan; and figure out what to do with the stuff that’s still important but doesn’t need to get done right away.

Want more life editing plus major accountability? Join Life Editor Academy.

Happy Editing!