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Life Editor’s Picks: Easy Home Gym

Productivity is my specialty, and I feel an incredible high when I help my clients get more important things done in less time. Nearly everyone I work with wants to improve their health, which makes sense because you can’t focus on any other goals if you’re sick and tired. But rearranging your schedule (Step 4…

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How to Turn Your Stress Into Success (You Got This!)

When you think about it, Oprah and I have a lot in common. We’re both former Chicagoans, we love dogs, and we have an unnatural obsession with bread. Yummm . . . But there’s something else we have in common that I also share with every single person on the planet. Any guesses? We only…

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How to Stay Motivated When You’re Sick

It’s funny how life’s always ready to knock you down a peg when you get too comfortable. I recently recorded a video about how to get stuff done when you’re sick, and I mentioned that I rarely get sick. Of course, not a week later I was sick for the first time in years. Oh…

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7 Ways to Ease a Jam-Packed Schedule

I get a little nutty whenever one of my clients lets me see her schedule. Usually there’s not a shred of white space left in the day. Every minute is allotted for, and there’s barely time to go to the bathroom! That’s when we roll up our sleeves and delete unnecessary appointments and time wasters.…

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3 Essential Boundaries You Need in Your Life

I once had a life coach who liked to use funny metaphors to illustrate her points. One of her favorite nuggets of wisdom was to say that “your life is like a dog park.” If you let your dog run loose in the neighborhood, then she could get lost or hit by a car. A…

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7 Reasons Why You Fall Asleep at Your Desk

When I was in college, I had a bad habit of sleeping around. No, I’m not talking about hopping into bed with every guy I met. My husband Chris and I were college sweethearts, and on the spectrum of sex appeal, I was closer to Minnie Mouse than Jessica Rabbit. But I did find myself…

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60-Second Business Tip: Pacing Schedules

You’ve edited your life. Now it’s time to edit your business! I know how difficult it can be to start a business from scratch, especially when you’ve got a hundred other responsibilities. Are you juggling multiple priorities such as your day job, your spouse, your kids, your parents, school, countless committees, and more? This video…

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