I Survived a 30-Day WELLNESS CHALLENGE | Clever Fox Planner Review

I do a lot of nutty things.

What can I say? I’m a little impulsive when I think of an exciting new idea. Squirrel!

But willingly doing a health and fitness challenge during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season was one of my less-than-smart endeavors.

Somewhere around the third week of nursing my aching feel and eating yet another salad, I began to wonder if it was all worth it.

It wasn’t until I stepped on the scale weighing less on January 1 than I did on December 1 that I realized I was stronger than I thought.

Losing weight over the holidays had NEVER happened to me before. And I gotta say, that was a sweet Christmas present to myself.

Watch today’s video to see the big results I got from a 30-day challenge using the Clever Fox Wellness Planner.

In This Video

  • Why I spent December counting calories and exercising instead of eating cookies on the couch (mostly).
  • The 4 privileges I have that made it easier for me to complete a wellness challenge.
  • My final results from 30 days of editing my food, fitness, and mindset.

Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
2:25 Planner flip-through.
8:53 My goals for this challenge.
14:12 Disclaimer!
14:53 Week 1
21:44 Week 2
23:36 A talk about privilege.
26:37 Week 3 and my pre-established positive habits.
33:55 Week 4
34:41 My results.
36:16 Pros for the planner.
37:03 Cons for the planner.
38:30 Your homework

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