How to Practice Mindfulness at Work to Build Meaningful Relationships

Meditation and mindfulness practices in the workplace are becoming widespread among the most successful international companies.

Recent statistics show employees who took part in a corporate mindfulness program were able to better manage themselves, make better decisions, be more productive, and better manage stress levels. 

Whether your company offers a mindfulness or meditation program you can join or not, there are plenty of ways to be more mindful at work.

Here’s how to practice mindfulness at work to build meaningful relationships.

Helps Manage Stress

Practicing mindfulness in a busy world is ever more difficult but still important. Stress is a consistent and normal part of our lives, and while meditation can reduce stress and cortisol levels, it can’t entirely suppress it. A meditation session can help you feel calm, but you might still feel stressed at work. 

Mindfulness can help you control stress, have better control over your “flight-or-fight” reaction, and channel stress to increase your productivity.

Increases Awareness

Mindfulness builds awareness of how you interact with others.

Through the process of decentering, meditation helps you analyze your reactions to external stimuli and choose how to respond. 

While this can take months to master, you can control your “flight-or-fight” reaction, learn from the person in front of you, and be more present in your work community.

Builds Meaningful Relationships

Even if you’re an introvert, you must communicate with and connect to those around you. You have a choice of how you want your relationships to be, no matter what industry you work in.

For example, there are endless reasons why you can become a team truck driver, but having someone near you can help you feel safer and understood. Make sure you are making your teammates feel the same way about your presence. 

Reminds You That You Have a Choice

Every job has positive aspects, even if it’s not perfect. Mindfulness can remind you that you have a choice every day. While you might not be able to change your job today, you can certainly cultivate a mentality of growth, gratitude, and respect for those around you. 

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