Everything Added to the Life Editor Clubhouse in 2017

There’s no question about it, the best thing I ever created that saved my sanity and helped my followers find exactly what they need is my Life Editor Clubhouse membership site.

It’s my “one-stop-shop” that houses every worksheet, guidebook, planner, video class, and training program I make to help ambitious Life Editors like you edit their lives and businesses.

2017 was a HUGE year for the Clubhouse, and we added more classes than ever before. We tackled our resistance, cleaned up our marketing, attracted more abundance, and planned our hearts out!

Silver Level members enjoy monthly Clubhouse Classes where they can speak directly to me during the live calls, and the video recordings are available to watch any time they please.

Thank you for your feedback and support! Your dedication to life editing has made the Clubhouse the perfect self-development resource for goal-getters like you. 🙂

Check out everything that was added to  the Life Editor Clubhouse in 2017!

How to Silence the Critical Voices in Your Head

Learn what those voices in your head are trying to do and why it’s crucial for you to silence them, examine your self-doubt and fears so they become less scary, and try my favorite fear-busting techniques to silence the negativity in your head.

The Ultimate Guide to List Making and Journaling

Learn why writing by hand is a foolproof way to take ownership of your results, figure out which lists you should be keeping to stay on top of your projects and goals, and play around with 10 different kinds of journaling and unleash your creative side!

Design Your Own Self-Care Retreat

Determine the common causes of burnout and why ignoring your self-care is killing you, study up on what “white space” really means and how to unravel that knot in your stomach, learn the 5 essential components of a self-care retreat and design your perfect escape from scratch, and try my 3 fabulous done-for-you mini retreats.

Warm Letter Campaigns

Learn what warm letters are and why the old, impersonal marketing techniques of the past don’t work today, discover the step-by-step process that will boost your sales without being sleazy, and download warm letter templates that you can cut and paste for your business.

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6 High Impact Edits Every Successful Business Owner Makes

Get real about the excuses that hold you back from achieving ultimate success, learn strategies to make the most of every minute of your day, discover who your ideal customer is and how you can appeal to her on a core level, and set up a clear website the entices your potential customers to buy now!

Make an Operations Manual

Learn what an ops manual is and how it can transform your business from a disorganized mess into a smoothly running powerhouse, figure out what does and does not belong in your ops manual based on your unique business responsibilities, and try my easy content creation process so your ops manual naturally grows over time.

Law of Attraction 101

Learn the 3 vital steps to attracting what you want, reprogram your mindset so your thoughts work for you not against you, get the truth about manifesting and debunk those law of attraction myths, and try my favorite tactics that are simple, doable, and tons of fun!

List Building 101

Learn permission marketing and how to entice potential clients to sign up for your email list, pitch yourself to other websites to get your business out there to a larger audience, be strategic on social media and lead new people to your freebie opt-in form, and run contests to boost your numbers while growing your followers’ trust.

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Write Like an Editor

Get over your fear and start blogging consistently, define your ideal audience so they’ll feel like you’re speaking directly to them, use my content creation technique to come up with a year’s worth of blog topic ideas, and think outside the box of written blog posts and try podcasts, videos, and more.

Overcome Your Resistance

Get clear about WHY we resist doing the things that lead us to our goals, push through the fear that holds you back, pinpoint the many ways resistance shows up in our lives and stop fooling yourself, find your inner badass and take consistent daily action steps, and learn creative tools to blast through your resistance and make your work fun.

Design Your Sales Funnel

Find out what a sales funnel is and why your business desperately needs one, design a logical path for your potential customers to follow, learn the 3 kinds of income your business needs to be successful, grow your business from easy free offerings to huge elite level offerings, and fill in the gaps in your products and services.

Supercharge Your Schedule

Get real about the excuses that hold you back from using your time wisely, find out how to make time for everything you want to do or accomplish, learn the pros and cons of different scheduling techniques and figure out which one will work best for you, and discover how to actively choose your priorities so you never wonder what to work on next.

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