How to Cope When You Don’t Get What You Want

‘Tis the season for dashed hopes and dreams!

The gift-giving holidays at the end of the year can make you eagerly anticipate the delightful goodies you’ll get from friends and family. But it’s inevitable that you won’t get everything you where dreaming of.

We’re all familiar with the disappointment that comes when you don’t get what you want, whether it’s Christmas presents, a promotion at work, weight loss, or any other expectation.

It’s frustrating to have to adjust your plans and make do without whatever beautiful thing you were counting on. How are you supposed to reach your goals now?

Instead of cursing out your family or vowing never to trust God or the universe again, I’ve got some tips to help you get back on track despite this annoying turn of events.

In today’s video, I’m sharing how you can use the 5 steps of the Life Editing Process to rebound when you don’t get what you want.

You’ll learn:

  • The most disappointing gifts I’ve ever received.
  • My go-to tactic for appreciating what you have right now.
  • How negative beliefs sabotage your happiness (and what to do about them!).
  • How to start a good habit even if you don’t have everything you think you’ll need.
  • Why there’s no perfect timing for your life.
  • Easy ways to refocus on your basic self-care and let go of your frustration.

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