Editor’s Notebook 166

The Editor’s Notebook is my place to share the things I’m loving this week and other random links that have caught my eye. Enjoy!

What I’m Loving This Week

Purl. A cute yet accurate look at workplace sexism and the tough choices women and minorities must make in order to fit in with office culture.

Everything Could Change Tomorrow. Stay mindful of the present moment because you’re never guaranteed a tomorrow.

10 Small And Actually Fun Ways To Save Money At Home. Every little bit counts. What are your financial goals for 2019?

Why You Should Work Less and Spend More Time on Hobbies. Indulging in creativity will make you a better employee.

How to Keep That New Year’s Resolution Mentality All Year Long. You can have a fresh start anytime you want.

“Closeness Lines”: Lovely Visualizations of Relationships Over Time. The one for the dog just killed me.

7 Unique Book Group Ideas You’d Actually Show Up For. Would you try any of these themes?

6 Signs You’re Making the Wrong Decision. Time to re-evaluate what you’re doing?

7 Ways to Ask for Help When You’re Feeling Down. We all go through tough times. Here’s how to get the support you need. Or you can always get a free call with me.

6 Ways to Stay Creative When Winter Gets You Down. It’s cold outside, but you can still come up with some hot ideas.

The Better Boarding Method Airlines Won’t Use. I’ve been flying a lot lately, and I’m amazed by how long it takes to board a plane.

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