9 Essential Business Tips for Life Coaches

It’s probably not a surprise that many of my clients are fellow life coaches.

When you see someone doing what you want to do, it makes sense to reach out to them for advice and strategies.

To be honest, life coaches are some of my favorite clients! It’s exhilarating to connect with people who genuinely want to improve the world and lift people up.

My own journey of building my life coaching business was filled with starts and stops, obstacles, haters, and more than a few mistakes.

It was a learning process, and I’m still editing my business to adjust to changing technology and self-development strategies.

Are you a life coach? Allow me to share my years of wisdom so you can be successful faster and with less stress.

Today, I’m sharing my best content to help life coaches design businesses they’ll love for years.

1. My Typical Day as a Life Coach. Follow me around for a day as I plan, meet with clients, record videos, and even hang out at Disney World!

2. How to Tell If It’s Time to Raise Your Prices. No more guesswork. Here’s how to know for sure that your prices need revamping.

3. Women’s Health Magazine Says Life Coaches Are Fake. Here’s the Truth. Ugh, nothing’s worse than women cutting down other successful women.

4. Why You Need Standards in Your Business and Life. These boundaries help you be a professional and protect yourself.

5. Why I’m Not a Certified Life Coach | My Controversial Decision. It may be controversial, but it was the best decision I made for my success.

6. The Magic Question That Sells More Coaching Packages. I’m astounded by how many coaches don’t do this simple step!

7. Why I Became a Life Coach (and Why I Still Love It!). It’s been my favorite job ever.

8. Behind the Scenes: Debunking 5 Common Myths About Life Coaching. Don’t believe everything you hear.

9. The Hardest Business Lesson I Ever Had to Learn. Save yourself a lot of trouble by accepting this fact.

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