Women’s Health Magazine Says Life Coaches Are Fake. Here’s the Truth

I don’t often get triggered, but I recently read something that made my blood boil. Grr!

As an online business owner, I’m used to dealing with anonymous haters who think my work is meaningless.

But it was incredibly disheartening to see a major American women’s magazine trashing life coaches.

I don’t take what I do lightly. These are my clients’ lives, and I do my best to show respect and empathy while I help them make changes . . . I only wish I got that same respect from people outside my industry.

In today’s video, I’m taking issue with an article in Women’s Health magazine where they say life coaches aren’t needed and that everyone should magically find the strength and motivation inside themselves to reach their goals.

Yeah, tell that to the millions of women across the world who desperately want to reach their goals but can’t do it alone.

I will NEVER shame someone who asks for help.

Coaches have inspired, motivated, and yes, saved my life on numerous occasions. I’m disappointed in Women’s Health magazine’s harmful perspective.

Watch today’s video to learn the ONE THING life coaches provide that you can’t get from family, friends, yourself, or random women’s magazines.

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