Behind the Scenes: Debunking 5 Common Myths About Life Coaching

Back when I was a chubby little kid (and long before I became a vegan), one of my favorite weekend activities was walking over to the local Baskin Robbins ice cream shop.

I’d gaze longingly at all 31 delicious flavors, practically drooling on the glass shield over the freezers.

Mint chocolate chip, birthday cake, rocky road, strawberry, and fudge!

They all looked so yummy, but how could I choose the perfect one and not waste my allowance money?

Easy! I’d just ask for a sample taste off their ubiquitous pink plastic spoons. The poor underpaid teenagers behind the counter must have been super annoyed with me while I tasted each and every flavor.

Testing ice cream flavors is a lot like life coaching. If a coach wants to entice her potential clients, then she’s got to whip out those “pink spoons.”

Unfortunately, there’s a myth that life coaches and other entrepreneurs should NOT give away freebies. Shocking! And that’s not the only false belief I’ve encountered.

In today’s video, I’m debunking the common myths about life coaching, including why I’m no magic unicorn (darn!).

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