My Typical Day as a Life Coach

Ever since I became a life coach 6 years ago, my workdays have been anything but boring.

I get to share my clients’ successes, advise them when they’re struggling, record and edit videos, run my membership site, and a hundred other tasks that let me be creative while I support others.

It sure beats sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours a day transcribing complex medical presentations or photocopying copyright permission forms. (And I did that for years!)

My old career as a book editor was good enough, but nothing compares to the fun of being a Life Editor!

Being my own boss is a dream come true so today I’m sharing what I love about my entrepreneurial lifestyle. Maybe you’ll feel inspired to start your own business too!

In This Video

  • Learn what I do every morning to start my day in a positive frame of mind.
  • Tour my home office and see where I run my business.
  • Watch me record and edit a video for my Life Editor Academy mastermind group.
  • See how I organize my editorial calendar so I can easily rearrange the content and see all the stages of completion at a glance.
  • Hear my thoughts about “the haters” who say I do too much self-care.
  • Go on a date night with me and my hubby at the Magic Kingdom!

Watch today’s video to see what I do all day as a life coach and online business entrepreneur.


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