Why I’m Not a Certified Life Coach | My Controversial Decision

The best decision I ever made for my business was also my most controversial one.

What? Me, controversial?

While I might seem like a mild-mannered Life Editor who spends her days coaching clients, reading productivity books, and submitting to the whims of my perfect dog Skyla, in actuality, my very first choice as a life coach proved that I will always do it my way.

Every life coach faces a dilemma as she starts her business: should you get certified or not?

I made the conscious and purposeful decision NOT to get certified, and if you’re thinking about starting a coaching business, then I hope you’ll consider all your options before forking over thousands of dollars, years of your time, and possibly your sense of autonomy if you join a life coaching school.

For me, not being a certified life coach helped me grow my business faster, reach the clients who need me, and earn more money.

After 10 years of running my biz, I can confidently say it way the right choice.

In today’s video, I’m sharing all the reasons why I chose not to get certified.

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