The Magic Question That Sells More Coaching Packages

Even though my Hogwart’s letter must have gotten lost in the mail, I’m still able to perform some spectacular magic spells.

By saying a few magic words, I can hypnotize my potential clients into buying my coaching packages. They’re transfixed with desire and can’t say no!

OK, so maybe I don’t have supernatural powers, but choosing the right persuasive words during a free call with someone can help her realize her potential and open her wallet.

No need for wands or pointy black hats!

Watch this video to learn the magic question that sells more coaching packages.

The video transcript is below for your convenience.

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Video Transcript

Hey there! I’m Sage Grayson, a former book editor turned life coach. I help ambitious career women edit their habits, routines, and mindsets to balance their happiness at work and home.

I’m a Life Editor…and so are you!

Today, we’re talking about how asking one magic question can help you sell more coaching packages. Let’s go!

Last September during my Life Editor Weekend live event, I was leading a session about creating products and services when one of the participants voiced a common concern.

She would have tons of free calls with potential clients, but they never seemed to sign up for her coaching packages at the end of the call.

“Do you explain how you can help solve their problems?”


“Do you tell them about your different packages?”


“Do you ask them if they want to work with you?”

Blank stare. Uh oh.

I immediately scrapped the rest of the session and pulled up my personal call script on the huge overhead projector. There was no time to waste!

Coaches, consultants, and other service-based entrepreneurs often have no problem setting up free calls with potential clients. Everyone likes getting something for free, and it gives them a taste of what it would be like to work with you.

The problem is getting those folks to pull the trigger and commit to a coaching package.

Too many coaches act wishy washy on their free calls. They think that because they’re having a free call that means the person wants to work with them.

And they’re half right. Yes, those potential clients want help. But they want YOU to actively lead them to make the decision to pay you.

If you say, “OK, so those are my coaching packages. Just send me an email if you’re interested in signing up.” that person will sit around thinking about it and talk themselves out of it.

A free call is a precious opportunity for both parties involved.

It’s a time for a potential client to feel like she’s connecting with someone who understands how she can improve her life. It’s also a time for you to showcase your knowledge and get paid for your expertise.

Don’t let the high of a free call pass without reigning them in!

At the end of a call, your potential client is feeling pumped up from all the good advice she’s received. She’s even imagining what it would be like to work with you, especially if you’ve described your different coaching packages.

But if you don’t get her to admit that coaching can help her, then all your hard work is lost.

There’s a magic question that you MUST ask at the end of your free calls, and when you ask it, you’ll boost your sales tremendously.

Here it is: “Do you want to work with me?”

For some of you, blatantly asking “Do you want to work with me?” can feel like asking someone to marry you on a first date. Whoa, dude! I just met you.

But actually, you didn’t just meet.

This potential client has been following you for months, even years, and she wouldn’t have signed up for a free call if she didn’t truly believe that you could help her.

You have earned her trust. She’s just scared about a lot of things: making promises she can’t keep, letting herself down, or letting you down.

That’s when you need to be the leader and get her to confidently admit that she’s ready for help.

I’ve been coaching for more than 4 years, and I’ve never had anyone say “No” when I’ve asked them “Do you want to work with me?”

That’s a pretty bold claim, but it’s true. The firm “Yeses” get sent the link to pay for the package they chose right away.

Of course, there are the people who say, “Yes, but…” When happens, you simply speak to their concerns.

When they say, “Yes, but coaching is expensive,” explain how coaching can save you money by avoiding poor decisions in the future. Offer a payment plan to make it easier to fit their budget.

When they say, “Yes, but I’m scared,” talk about how you’ve been scared in the past but by investing in your success, you were able to reach your goals. I share my story about how my business didn’t grow until I walked my talk and hired a coach.

When you ask, “Do you want to work with me?” that’s when the real magic happens.

Own your worth and be a leader even during a free call. They’ll be relieved that you didn’t leave them hanging or give them a chance to talk themselves out of it.

That’s it! This week, update your call script to include the magic question, “Do you want to work with me?”

Thanks for watching. I’ll see you soon.

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