The Quick and Easy Way to Get Started With PASSIVE INCOME

When I talk with other entrepreneurs, they have a lot of dreams for their businesses. They might want to earn 6 figures, hire a team, or change the world.

But the goal that pops up the most is being able to work less and earn more. You can achieve this through passive income.

That’s when you create a product once, and then it sells thousands of times without you having to do any extra work. And it’s not a fantasy!

Watch today’s video to learn how to design your own passive income product without spending a lot of time, money, or energy.

In This Video

  • The first steps you must take for your business before you even think about passive income.
  • How to leverage what you’ve got by repurposing previously released content.
  • How you can save your potential clients’ time by compiling the information they’re looking for.

Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
1:24 What to do before you set up passive income.
2:51 The easiest passive income product.
3:54 Why simple guidebooks work.
4:40 Your homework

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