How to Use TREATS AND REWARDS to Reach Your Goals Fast!

Do you remember in elementary school, when the teacher would hand back your graded homework, and how exciting it would be to see a sticker or gold star stuck on the top of the page?

The simple treat gave you a jolt of happiness and made you more likely to do well on your next assignment in hopes of getting another sticker.

And maybe if your entire class completed a hard project such as reading 100 books or keeping your grades up all year, then you would be rewarded with something big like a pizza party.

Your teacher knew the importance of using treats and rewards to fuel your success.

Watch today’s video to learn why a treats and rewards plan is an excellent motivational tool for achieving your goals.

In This Video

  • Why treats and rewards are two very different motivational tools but both can boost your success.
  • How to make consistent progress on your goals with daily treats without spending money.
  • How to watch out for the common mistakes people make with rewards.

Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
1:26 The difference between treats and rewards.
2:17 How to use treats for consistent progress.
2:39 How to use rewards for achieving big goals.
3:13 Avoid these tricky setbacks.
3:55 Your homework

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