Spots Now Available for the 12 Week Edit!

I know you’re busy so I won’t waste your time.

Every morning you’re tempted to hit the snooze alarm because your body and mind are Just. So. Tired.

  • Perhaps you work at a soul-crushing job that’s slowly grinding you into dust.
  • Maybe you’re gaining weight at an alarming rate because you barely have time to pee let alone cook a healthy meal.
  • Or sometimes you wanna strangle your friends who seem to be flaunting their family vacations, new shoes, and adorable planner stickers while you struggle to put gas in your car.
  • And when you finally lay your head on the pillow at night, you’re tormented by “gremlins” who whisper all your failures in your ear so you can’t sleep.

Not a pretty picture. Not a happy story.

But what if . . .

  • You could turn the page on this nasty chapter and start fresh?
  • You could SLOW DOWN . . . BREATHE . . . and focus on just ONE THING AT A TIME?
  • What if you could start 2020 feeling like a fabulously edited version of you?

Introducing the 12 Week Edit!

Spots are now open for the 12 Week Edit, a brand new coaching package where we choose one goal and design one plan to create one new you.

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Let’s keep it simple!

You pick one big edit: business, health, home, finances, relationships, or choose your own. We work together to design a custom master action plan (MAP) to achieve enormous results in a short time. We have 30-minute strategy calls every week for 12 weeks.

Sound like a plan? It’s gotta be better than sitting on the couch watching your life slip away.


  • 12 weekly coaching calls with Sage Grayson (30 minutes each)
  • 12 week digital planner (100-page PDF)
  • Weekly homework, pep talks, and resources
  • Unlimited email access for extra accountability

How It Works

  • You choose one specific goal to focus on
  • We design a structured plan to reach that goal with less stress and more fun
  • You enjoy your newly edited life

Ready to Edit?

Click the button below to schedule your free 12 Week Edit Info Call and let’s see if we’re a good match.

Got a question about the 12 Week Edit? Read the frequently asked questions and client testimonials HERE.

There are still 12 weeks left of 2019, and that’s plenty of time to make positive changes and reach your goals. I believe in you, Life Editor!

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