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Editor’s Notebook 162

The Editor’s Notebook is my place to share the things I’m loving this week and other random links that have caught my eye. Enjoy! What I’m Loving This Week 47 Small Changes That You Won’t Regret Making In 2019. Add these to your new year’s bucket list. Why I’m Choosing Happiness Before Success. There will…

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Santa Sage Special! Half Off Clubhouse and Planners

‘Tis the season for dashed hopes and dreams! The gift-giving holidays at the end of the year can make you eagerly anticipate the delightful goodies you’ll get from friends and family. But it’s inevitable that you won’t get everything you where dreaming of. Here are some of the doozies I’ve received from previous Christmases: A…

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Life Editor’s Picks: Law of Attraction Books

I may have a Type A personality and thrive on order and structure, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know when to stop pushing and just let things flow. The law of attraction is one of those “woo woo” ideas that I firmly believe in. I’ve seen firsthand how thinking positive thoughts, visualizing good outcomes, and…

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Elevate Series: The Ups and Downs of Life

Today I’m sharing another entry in my series of guest posts on Stratejoy that I write as a member of Molly Mahar’s 2014 Elevate Mastermind. As we go through life, there will be times when we’re flyin’ high…and times when we’re crashing down. This guest post is all about the ups and downs of life,…

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What to do When No One Likes the New You

A funny thing happens when you start editing your life… At first you’re making very slow progress and seeing if you trust yourself to do the work. I mean, you’ve set goals and not reached them before, right? Once you feel the energy of completion and get that snowball effect rolling, your brain starts screaming,…

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The Sweet Life: Interview With Ashley Urke From Domestic Fashionista

This is a post in The Sweet Life interview series where I interview an inspirational woman who has made her life sweet. Please say hello to Ashley Urke! Welcome! Please introduce yourself and your blog. Hi! I am Ashley Urke, the blogger behind Domestic Fashionista. At Domestic Fashionista I strive to encourage women who, like…

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Tiny Tip Thursday: Choose a Theme For Your Day (and Freebie!)

Today, we’re talking about an intentional exercise that will make your day more meaningful and super productive. All you have to do is choose a theme for your day! A daily theme will set you up for success and guide your actions as you tackle your to-do list, attend meetings, run errands, or any of…

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