Life Editor’s Picks: Lounge Around

Whenever my stress is through the roof and I’m this close to having a meltdown, I block off a full 24 hours for a lounge around day.

That’s my time to close my laptop, stay in my jammies, and pamper myself until I feel like a fully functioning human being again.

If you can’t remember the last time you took a mental health day, then pull out your planner and block one off ASAP!

Everyone needs time to recharge, and being a hustling martyr is only going to make you collapse. Or yell at your kids/boss/spouse. Or get an ulcer.

Burnout’s not a good look on anyone.

So if it’s time to level up your white space, I’ve got a few suggestions to make your next day off relaxing and refreshing.

Here are my top picks to help you lounge around.

1. The Little Book of Hygge. The Danish people are supposedly the happiest ones on Earth. Learn their secrets to hygge (hoo-gah) and get more cozier, mindful, and joyful.

2. White Noise Machine. My apartment complex is currently being refurbished, and that means near-constant drilling and nail gunning. So you better believe I’m OD’ing on white noise to get some relief.

3. Vanilla Cupcake Candle. I may be too lazy to bake anything today, but this delicious candle will ensure my home smells like icing. And no calories!

4. Drama Llama Slippers. Every step should be cozy today.

5. Back Support Foam Pillow. Now every seat can feel as snuggly as your bed.

6. Tea Variety Gift Box. A day of lounging demands and equally chillaxed drink. Just imagine you and the Queen are slipping tea in your pillow fort.

7. Laptop Bed Table. This is one of my most-used Amazon purchases. It’s light, adjustable, and helps you be productive even if you can’t drag yourself out from under the covers. Catch up on work or your Netflix list. You decide.

8. Kawaii Tarot. A day off demands loads of self-care so try a new hobby like studying tarot cards. Good fortune is yours!

9. Long Sleeve Pajama Set. There’s no way I’m wearing actual clothes on a lazy day! But these super soft, pretty PJs are nice enough for the neighbors to see when I shuffle to the mailbox.

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This post focuses on Step 5 of the Life Editing Process, Make White Space for Personal Self-Care. For more about life editing and what it can do for you, click here.

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